Slate posted a story today about the length and depth of the allegations made against Donald Trump, alleged serial groper. Sometimes, however, it’s hard to wrap your head around something without a graphic.

So, here.


Let it sink in. Two rape allegations. One attempted rape. Seven allegations of sexual assault. One allegation of Trump waltzing into dressing rooms to ogle naked women and teenagers.

The American Taliban Christofascist Right Wing must be horrified by all of this. Right?

Not so much.

Rick Wiles, host of TRUNEWS, was host to Mark Burns, a televangelist and Donald Trump campaign surrogate who last month was caught lying about his resume, where he claimed that Trump is facing attacks from “the enemy” because he has been moved by the Holy Spirit.

He has most definitely grown. In the countless conversations that he and I have had in reference to his faith, he really, really—and only the Holy Spirit could do that, to become a person that loves people more than anything else. If you had a one-on-one conversation, he would suck you in and he would have you to believe that he truly cares about whatever you are going through, Rick, whatever you’re going through, he would be so focused, because he’s a master listener and only the Holy Spirit could have done that.

This is why the enemy is working so hard to get Christians, who is the main base of Donald Trump, evangelicals, who is the main base of his presidency, to focus on his flaws and not who God has made him to be. He truly loves God. And unlike Hillary Clinton, he will be using his faith as a part of his governancy [sic].

Oh, Trump is moved by SOMETHING all right. But I don’t think the Holy Spirit is involved.

In a radio interview with Texas Congressman and Professional Nitwit Louie Gohmert, James Dobson — creator of the “Focus on the Family” program — said Trump was the preferable candidate.

Trump’s comments were “inexcusable,” Dobson said, “but as awful as they were, they don’t threaten the future of this nation and to elect Hillary Clinton because of this terrible language is to turn America on its ear and we will never recover from it.”

“If Hillary Clinton appoints [Antonin] Scalia’s replacement” to the Supreme Court, Gohmert added, “then our rights are done as Christians.”

As everyone knows, there is nobody more oppressed in America than the white conservative Christian.

Truth be told, we on the left are all hypocrites for criticizing Trump. and not Beyoncé and Jay-Z.

(Radio host Kevin) McCullough asked (Charmaine) Yoest (former president of Americans United for Life and a member of Donald Trump’s “pro-life advisory council,”) if she thought liberals and some conservative Christians were displaying “hypocrisy” by making a fuss over Trump’s comments—in which he boasted that he could touch and kiss women without their consent because he was famous—when they tolerate or support “all forms of entertainment that approve, display, film, dialogue about things that are equally, if not more so, graphic, obscene, vulgar and, in plain language, objectifying of women through pornography, Hollywood, music and dance and rap culture, etc. etc.”

McCullough added that “we don’t ever pay attention to how offensive this stuff is until it’s somebody running for office who we want to find a reason to dislike.”

I don’t recall seeing any reports about Beyoncé or Jay-Z pressing people against the wall to feel them up against their will, but maybe I’m just reading the wrong sources.

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