Aaron Walker’s lawsuit against Brett and Tetyana Kimberlin went down in flames today in a Montgomery County, Maryland, Courtroom.

The Court found that there was overwhelming evidence of “probable cause” to substantiate the Kimberlins’ charges against the “self-employed” attorney that he stalked and harassed the Kimberlins’ teen daughter.

In his closing arguments, Walker pleaded with the jury that this case against the Kimberlins was “his entire life.” Still, the jury rejected his arguments. The jury found only three elements of the application for statement of charges that could not be substantiated. The remaining allegations were more than enough to form a legal decision that probable cause existed to file the charges, which were ultimately nolle prosequi by the Montgomery County States Attorney.

Having the charges deep-sixed was apparently not enough for Walker, who was fired from his last position as a compliance attorney for a Virginia home health care company for dereliction of his duties. He wanted to saddle the Kimberlins, who he has long seen as the cause of all his problems in the world, with the burden of guilt and unimaginable debt.

The judge also ordered Walker to show cause as to why he should not be barred from filing further actions against the Kimberlins based on the same set of circumstances.

True to the character of Walker’s “paralegal” WJJ Hoge III, he is spinning this overwhelming defeat into a “mixed victory” for Walker since the jury did find three charges that could not be substantiated. That is something akin to declaring that the Chicago Bears can claim a “mixed victory” based on the fact that they were only trailing by three touchdowns when the clock ran out.

As this decision came late on a Friday afternoon, more details will be available over the weekend.

In the meantime, you are invited to enjoy today’s “Fat Man Podcast” by clicking this link.

  • Aaron Walker Loser

    Hip hip horray for the Kimberlin’s. They have suffered for years at the hands of conservative right wing extremists. Its about time that they are cut off at the knees and sent packing with what remains of their devilish tails between their legs.

  • Ides O. March

    Hahahahaha! No, wait. Hahahahahahahahahaha! Hee hee. Ho… *sigh* Heh heh. Hahahahahahahahahahaha!

    Let me get this straight. After thre whole fucking days of Aaron “cuckold” Walker boring a jury to death repeating that kimberlin is the speedway bomber, showing off his sick puppy dog routine, and sticking his tongue so far up the judge’s ass he could lick the roof of his mouth and the jury STILL thought Aaron was a shit weasel and disingenuous rat fink?

    I’m so surprised! Lol.

    I wonder if the bearded, cuckolded, most pathetic coffee making NASA office boy in Westminster has thought about the implication in his frivolous and vexatious lawsuit? Be carful, hoggy. Your vendetta might leave that genetic mutant and hideous hermaphrodite offspring of yours homeless.

  • ManassasKeith

    Walker’s friends were arrested yesterday by the FBI planning to blow up an apartment complex which housed Muslims. They wanted to kill everyone inside including babies, and soak the bullets in pig blood. http://www.huffingtonpost.com/entry/militia-terror-plot-fbi-kansas_us_58014995e4b0162c043c1e90?section=&

    Walker is so fucked.

  • Mark in MD

    Connie and Aaron’s store bought wife must be so proud of their men. HAHAHAHAHA Stalking teen age girls for pleasure. Yeah, they must be super proud. The Hoggy and Walker Christian xmas letters are going to be so interesting this year! “I still have cancer, my husband stalks teenagers and disabled widowers, and my son, oh my son, he’s living at home and, uh, well, he says he has a girlfriend in Canada, so I believe him. Things are good.”

  • RogerS

    Another one of The Hog’s friends convicted for attempted murder. http://www.carrollcountytimes.com/news/crime/ph-cc-ronald-lamar-few-alford-plea-20161017-story.htm