As the corporate mainstream sits motionless, blinking like a chipmunk in the beam of a flashlight, Vladimir Putin is seeing every dime he spent to get Donald Trump elected pay off. Bigly.

They knew they couldn’t destroy the United States through military means without ensuring their own destruction. In Donald Trump, Putin saw the perfect stooge, the most useful idiot.

All they had to do was get him elected. That was the hard part. Yet the crafty former KGB agent knew it was best to never underestimate the stupidity and short memory span of the average American. Take a dog-dropping, wrap it in gold foil, put a cross and a picture of Ronald Reagan on the wrapper and call it an “America Bar” and your average slack-jawed mouth-breather will gobble it down out of a sense of blind and stupid patriotism. Easy patriotism. Patriotism without service or sacrifice. That’s the kind of patriotism for us!

So, Trump gets elected. Now the demolition can begin.

Chief of Staff — Reince Priebus, RNC Chairman. Born without a solid bone in his body.

CEO and Chief Strategist — Steve Bannon. Neo Nazi. Racist. Anti Semite.

Secretary of Education — Betsy Devos. Millionaire donor to the GOP. Hates public schools.

Health and Human Services — Congressman Tom Price. Hates Medicare, Social Security, the Affordable Care Act.

National Security Adviser — Michael Flynn. Never saw a Muslim he didn’t want to throw into Gitmo.

Transportation — Elaine Chao. Wife of Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell. Payoff for his keeping his gob shut during the election.

Commerce — Wilbur Ross. Venture Capitalist. Specialist in buying distressed businesses.

Justice — Senator Jeff Sessions. Racist. Proud of it.

Treasury — Steven Mnuchin. Former Goldman Sachs executive. Wants another chance to destroy the economy.

Central Intelligence Agency — Congressman Mike Pompeo. Hardliner. Benghazi truther.

UN Ambassador — Gov. Nikki Haley. No international diplomacy experience whatsoever.

No doubt Vlad is sitting back, rubbing his hands together in glee to see who else Trump picks to help with the dismantling of the greatest republic in the history of the planet.

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Having joined forces with his friend Brett Kimberlin in the complete and utter annihilation of WJJ Hoge III and his self-destructive legal machinations, your Humble Editor is devoted to his fiance, the plump and pleasant Lady Di, and #resistance to the madman in the White House, working hand-in-glove with friends and colleagues to stave off the incipient fascism facing our great republic. He enjoys an occasional top shelf bourbon.