Reichskanzler-elect Donald J. Trump has added a third retired general to his inner circle. The New York Times reports this morning that retired Marine General John Kelly will join the gang as Secretary of Homeland Security. General Kelly will join retired Marine General “Mad Dog” Mattis, Trump’s pick for Secretary of Defense and retired Army Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn who will serve as National Security Adviser.

Thus far, Trump has chosen a racist, homophobe and anti-Semite as his chief strategist, a racist southern U.S. Senator for Attorney General, a Benghazi-truther and former Army officer to head up the CIA, a self-described “pathologically violent” brain surgeon who once lived in public housing as Secretary of Housing and Urban Development, a South Carolina governor with no foreign policy experience to be Ambassador to the UN, an ultra right wing mega donor and avowed enemy of public education to be Secretary of Education, a billionaire who once owned the ill-fated Sago coal mine where a dozen died due to safety cutbacks as Secretary of Commerce, an orthopedic surgeon and congressman from Georgia who can’t wait to perform radical surgery on Medicare, the Affordable Care Act and Social Security as Secretary of Health and Human Services, a payback to Senate Majority Mitch McConnell for keeping his yap shut during the election to be Secretary of Transportation, and a Goldman Sachs executive who was nipples-deep in the Wall Street collapse of 2008 to be Secretary of the Treasury.

Yep. Things are looking up. What could possibly go wrong?