Noted fraud, fake, phony, pseudosmart hack WJJ Hoge III claims I am defaming him by calling him a plagiarist.

What is a plagiarist?

Golly, that’s a serious accusation to make against someone without proof.

Here’s proof.

“All lawyers are cut from the same cloth: fleece.”Read more:

How long have you owned the Pinky and the Brain copyright, Hoggy?
Oh, sure, he gives NASA the IMAGE credit. But not a link for the words he stole and used as his own.
When you write about space stuff while stealing the words from NASA’s website, it makes your dumbass readers think you are smart.
I understand NASA images and releases are public domain, but shouldn’t a non-plagiarist at least give credit where credit is due?
Fraud, phony, hack, liar, thief of intellectual property, plagiarist, vexatious litigant, WJJ Hoge III.
And I’m just getting started.
Sue me, bitch.

By The Portly Pundit

After four months in the belly of the right wing media beast, and after a full four days of hot showering, everyone's favorite Portly Pundit is once again weaving tales of progressive pulchritude on Breitbart Unmasked.

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