According to a report from Fortune, Carlos Slim, the wealthy billionaire from Mexico, has stated that he wants to take over negotiations with President Trump from President Nieto of Mexico. You see, only a billionaire can negotiate with another billionaire, or so the saying goes. Only the super rich know how other super rich people think and act, and apparently negotiate business deals. Screw the wall, its about business. President Trump is like a mob boss acting on behalf of other mob bosses, and as such it really boils down to the dollars.

President Trump has said he will charge a 20 percent tax on goods imported from Mexico, mostly from American corporations who moved to Mexico to take advantage of poor Mexican citizens by offering them jobs at ultra cheap wages so they could manufacture their products to be sold at cheaper rates back across the border into the Unites States under NAFTA, which allows for free trade across borders. So most corporations abandoned American workers long ago and moved to where the cheap labor is willing to work under near slave like conditions just to reimport those same products back to America at a cost reduction.

However, under President Trump, who is striving to uphold promises he made to American workers, he wants those corporations to bring back jobs to the United States where those same products will be made, but not under such cheap labor prices. This means that the American public will now have to start paying more for the same goods they used to pay for at a cheaper rate. You see, American workers are not going to work for slave wages, so ultimately when you factor in those issues everything we used to pay for will go up in price. Think about the same policies with China, even India. If those products were made using expensive American workers, the price for your iPhone could skyrocket to 5000.00 dollars or more. Same with cars and everything else made with cheap labor. You might bring back those jobs to America, but when consumers balk at paying sky high prices for products they used to pay much less for, the demand will sink, and when that happens products will sit on the shelves and no one will buy them. The end result is less demand, more job layoffs and more factory closings. Its inevitable. Its the law of supply and demand. And for far too long American consumers have been used to cheap prices on goods made overseas. With Trump, get ready to pay more, much more.

As for jobs, it will be a boon for Americans workers for all of a business cycle before American consumers react by refusing to buy anything made in America. Yes folks, you too can Make America Great Again. Well, that is if you want to pay 5000.00 dollars for an iPhone and 100,000.00 dollars for a Ford Focus. Hell, even golf club memberships are going up under Trump.

Yes, a billionaire here a billionaire there. It always has been and always will be about the dollars to them.

By Marcus Crassus

Marcus Licinius Crassus was a Roman general and politician who played a key role in the transformation of the Roman Republic into the Roman Empire.

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