Milo Yiannopoulos, provocative fame whore, has seemingly lost his shine to extremist right wingers who have recently abandoned him in droves. It started with his invitation to be a keynote speaker at CPAC, the conservative confab where all the extremist right wingers can be found soaking in the bubble baths of their new found leader, President Trump. That didn’t go over too well with the main conservative wing of the GOP. So they dug up a video of Milo talking about man boy love, and how its OK that older men show young 13 year old boys their true gay selves.

That of course started the quick downhill slide of Milo’s venture at popularity and having his 15 minutes of fame. Here is the real problem that Milo didn’t quite understand. Hayseeds, or the rural folks, elected Trump to the highest office in the land. They wanted Trump to take them back to when they thought Murica was great. And in those days kids like Milo were in the closet doing their own secret things to their own little secret places. Milo of course thought that as long as he called Trump Daddy, that he would be allowed to get away with being provocative. Of course he forgot one thing, hayseeds don’t like Milo or what he represents.

You see, these are now the representatives of Murica. And talking about giving 13 year old kids blowjobs and somehow thinking it would be OK with Daddy Trump is not something these hayseeds will tolerate. So, Milo forgot the real conservative base, the base of Trump, and #MAGA, which is the base that doesn’t tolerate homosexuality or anything close to it. The Trump base is all white, all religious, and very conservative. They believe in Murica as in the days of Ward and June Cleaver.

Do you see a Milo Yiannopoulos in this picture? Neither do I. This picture represents the real base of conservative ideology, which is the base of President Trump. And when you screw with that picture of homogenized whole white milk and mix it with provocative homosexuality and sex with 13 year old boys, while giving blowjobs to Catholic priests, well, it just doesn’t fit in with Making Murica Great Again.

So, overnight, it seems that Milo’s 15 minutes of fame are coming to a close. Book deals have been pulled, CPAC confabs are now a thing of the past, and pretty soon Milo will be sent packing back to the UK where he and Boy George and older or even younger provocative entertainers reside. You see that’s another issue with Milo, he’s a brit, and not a Murican.

Yes, when you go in public and profess your love for Russians and Russian spies and then have the audacity to not even claim America as the place to be, well, you know how that will work out.

There is also talk about Breitbart News firing him for all of this anarchy. But that will be something that Breitbart News will have to contend with. And primarily because Milo was responsible for delivering huge traffic to to that website. Of course Breitbart isn’t hurting for money or traffic these days, so getting rid of Milo just might satiate the base. After all, right wingers have enough problems with being called racists, homophobes, islamophobes, and so forth, to now have to endure a Milo character hanging around their twisted necks while he professes NAMBLA narratives and talking points. So I am sure before too long Milo will be history at Breitbart.

Of course if they keep him, well, it will further the sites decline into a cesspool of shit. Lee Stranahan, a former thief and pornographer, now a part of the White House press corps, weighs in with some long bloviating tirade about how news and stories work, and how CPAC works, and how Steve Bannon brought Milo into Breitbart News, and how Milo is smart, but at the end of the proverbial day Milo said some things he shouldn’t have said, so everyone should forgive him and let bygones be bygones.

Milo, your time is up. Its time to recognize that your provocative brand is from the Obama years where that was tolerated and even championed. Today, however, the brand is all #MAGA and Trump. You don’t belong in that scene Milo, matter of fact you never did. And its a wonder they tolerated you for so long. I’m sure in a few months or a year from now when people go looking for you in the “where are they now” file, they will find you living in a homeless shelter, probably hooked on drugs, and recounting your pious days of past glory. So long Milo, we hardly knew ye…


By Marcus Crassus

Marcus Licinius Crassus was a Roman general and politician who played a key role in the transformation of the Roman Republic into the Roman Empire.

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