Over the last couple of days, the hashtag #FireKushner has been trending on Twitter. Turns our those God-fearing, White, Christian, White Supremacist Patriots are having trouble dealing with the fact that a naughty, naughty Jew Boy, Jared Kushner, is running the show at the White House these days.

Someone even went as far as to register a domain for his pal, Steve Bannon, who will soon (likely) be on the outside looking in at the Oval Office.

The website? http://firekushner.com.

Goodness! The nice looking Jew-boy is OFFENDING the White Nationalists who put Trump into office!

And guess who is leading the charge. One guess. He now gets his paycheck signed by Vladimir Putin.

Yep! Good old American Traitor Lee Stranahan, now working as a Russian Propagandist for the Putin Propaganda outlet Sputnik.com, owns the domain created to help drive this offensive, squeaky clean JEW out of the White House where Steve Bannon rightfully belongs. STRANAHAN, who says he is the only former Breitbart employee to be personally hired by Dead Andy Breitbart and One Foot Out the Door Steve Bannon.

Is it a matter of ideology? Or does Bannon understand that the Breitbart influence will die a much-deserved death on the vine if Bannon is shown the other side of the Oval Office door.

Thank goodness Lee Stranahan, a traitor to his country who would sell out his nation as quickly as he sold his wife’s vajayjay to strangers, was there to stand up for his Alt-Right, White Supremacist Pal from the Breitbart days.

Of course, one would have to believe that Trump would ignore his daughter’s pleas to NOT fire Jared and, instead, fire that ICKY old Steve “Tumor Face” Bannon.

But who really believes THAT?