“I love my people with all my heart,” he told reporters.

If he’d have left it at “his heart,” Robert Bentley would still be Governor of Alabama and not a convicted misuser of public resources.

Facing certain impeachment, former Gov. Bentley acquiesced to the bipartisan will of his constituents by stepping down on the same day state lawmakers opened impeachment hearings against him. Bentley has fought for more than a year against allegations he used public resources to carry out and conceal an affair with his former top aide.

The Washington Post reports:

He also pleaded guilty to two misdemeanor charges related to covering up the alleged affair, one for failing to file a major contribution report and another for knowingly using campaign contributions for personal use, according to the state’s attorney general office.

And such a good looking fella, too!

Come to Alabama for the sunshine, stay for the scandal!

Bentley (became) the third top Alabama public official in less than a year to lose his job over a scandal and/or face jail time. Former House speaker Mike Hubbard (R) was sentenced in July to four years in prison after being convicted of violating state ethics laws he helped pass by using his political leverage to increase his personal wealth. And in September, a state ethics court suspended Alabama Chief Justice Roy Moore, citing “clear and convincing” evidence that he tried to block same-sex marriage in the state after the U.S. Supreme Court decision legalizing it.

Bentley (is) Alabama’s fourth governor to resign while in office. Most recently, former Alabama governor Guy Hunt (R) resigned in 1993 after being convicted of taking $200,000 from his inaugural fund for personal use.

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