Christians Want Their Rainbow Back from ‘Gays’

God created the rainbow as a sign of his covenant to never destroy mankind with a flood (he said nothing about a Trump presidency, however), and the filthy gays need to give it back. That is the view of many ultra-right evangelicals, including the head of the so-called “American Family Association.”

Right Wing Watch reports:

“Let’s not forget that the rainbow is God’s invention,” (American Family Radio host Bryan) Fischer said. “He placed it in the heavens after the worldwide flood as a sign of His covenant promise to mankind to never again destroy the earth with a flood. So in the culture in which it originated, the rainbow is a sign of hope and assurance and a symbol of God’s grace and infinite patience.”

“Notice what’s happened with the appropriation of this symbol by the LGBT crowd,” he continued. “It has now become a sign, not of God’s grace and patience and hope, but a sign of sexually deviant behavior. Now the rainbow promotes a lifestyle which God says is an abomination.”

In a sentiment that must be seen as dangerously ridiculous when spoken by a grown man, Fischer said, “What once was universally regarded as a symbol of God’s providential care has become universally regarded as a symbol of sexual debauchery. My point is [the rainbow] belongs to Him. He said so Himself. If somebody else has it and is prostituting it, whoever that person is, he stole it from its rightful owner, which sounds like cultural appropriation to me.”

Yibble bibble bibble…


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