In a scenario that should be familiar to people who have been following our reporting on Breitbart Unmasked for awhile, a Montana real estate agent has filed suit in Federal Court against a neo-Nazi website for unleashing what the website called a “troll storm.”

Raw Story reports:

A Montana real estate agent who said she and her 12-year-old son received hundreds of threatening anti-Semitic messages after a neo-Nazi website called on its readers to launch a “troll storm” against her sued the site’s owner in federal court on Tuesday.

Real estate agent Tanya Gersh filed a civil suit accusing the publisher of the white supremacist Daily Stormer website, Andrew Anglin, of invading her privacy, intentionally inflicting emotional distress and violating the state’s anti-intimidation act by calling on his readers in December to target her with e-mails and phone calls.

According to the complaint, white “nationalist” Richard Spencer’s mommy, Sherry Spencer, owned property in Whitefish, Montana — where the plaintiff lives. After protests at the building connected to Richie’s Nazi view points, Gersh chatted with Mrs. Spencer about the possibility of selling the building. While mommy first agreed, then changed her mind and wrote a blog article charging Gersh, a Jewish woman, with trying to extort her.

This caused Anglin to call for what he called a “troll storm” directed at Gersh.

“You will be driven to the brink of suicide…We will be there to take pleasure in your pain & eventual end,” one message read, according to the lawsuit. Another simply repeated the phrase “DEATH TO TANYA.”

Some messages suggested that Gersh shoot herself.

(It all seems so familiar somehow…)


Whitefish Complaint Final by BillSchmalfeldt on Scribd

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