We suppose it’s only understandable that Americans believe their Presidents should know a thing or two about the country they’ve been elected to lead. But isn’t the Internet being a bit, well, SEVERE in its treatment of President Trump and recollections of how Andrew Jackson was madder than a nest of wet hornets about the Civil War?

In an interview published by the Washington Examiner earlier today, Trump offered his… uh… “thoughts” about Old Hickory’s attitudes toward the war that started 16 years after he died.

“He was a very tough person, but he had a big heart. He was very angry that he saw what was happening with regard to the Civil War, he said, ‘There’s no reason for this.’”

People! COME ON! The man has a lot on his mind, and we’re not talking about the dead Lhasa Apso on his bald and empty noggin.

For one thing, he’s giving great thought to constructing a new, shiny and big Andrew Jackson Memorial on the National Mall which will show the freedom-loving General who won the war of 1912 by personally rebuilding the White House out of logs he personally split into rails while taking notes by the light of a fireplace using chalk on the scarred back of a slave.

For so did Andy hate injustice and cruelty, he personally guaranteed $10 to any kind soul who returned a runaway slave unharmed, except for the 100 lashes on his back.

And who could forget that historic day when President Jackson and Julius Caesar joined forces to defeat the armada of Marc Antony and Blackbeard the Pirate in the Mississippi Delta when they fired their cannons ’til the barrels melted down, so they grabbed an alligator and they fought another round?

So give the poor idiot a break, can’t we please?

By The Portly Pundit

After four months in the belly of the right wing media beast, and after a full four days of hot showering, everyone's favorite Portly Pundit is once again weaving tales of progressive pulchritude on Breitbart Unmasked.

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