Yours Truly and Lady Di have decided to take a stab at a weekday live show that airs weekdays at 7pm and on demand on this website.

On today’s episode: discussion of the ACHA, Trump and the Pope, Trump and Melania, Trump and Paul Ryan, and a buncha other stuff like that.

(The echo in the first half of the show was feedback from my headphones. Won’t happen again.)

Dig in!


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Having joined forces with his friend Brett Kimberlin in the complete and utter annihilation of WJJ Hoge III and his self-destructive legal machinations, your Humble Editor is devoted to his fiance, the plump and pleasant Lady Di, and #resistance to the madman in the White House, working hand-in-glove with friends and colleagues to stave off the incipient fascism facing our great republic. He enjoys an occasional top shelf bourbon.