In yet another long and rambling diatribe this morning, former pornographer, would-be pimp, grifter, one-time Breitbart reporter and current propaganda agent for Russia’s media outlet “Sputnik” (last we heard, anyway) wants you to give him money.

He’s gonna take down George Soros. All he needs is a few million bucks.

There are SHENANIGANS going on, and by gum, Stranny’s gonna get to the bottom of it.

“I can haz munnys now?”

The disreputable, anti-American tool began his morning video babble with an attack on Alexandra Chalupa, listed in October as one of the 16 people who most influenced the presidential elections by Yahoo News’ Michael Isikoff. Stranny says Chalupa “is the person who started the whole Russian narrative,” which is like saying “Paul Revere started the Revolutionary War by warning the colonists of the approaching British army.”

Isikoff reeported:

As a Democratic Party consultant and proud Ukrainian-American, Alexandra Chalupa was outraged last spring when Donald Trump named Paul Manafort as his campaign manager. Chalupa had been following Manafort’s career ever since he popped up in Kiev more than a decade ago as an adviser and campaign consultant to the pro-Russian political party in Ukraine. As she saw it, Manafort was a key figure in advancing Russian President Vladimir Putin’s agenda inside her ancestral homeland — and she was determined to expose it.

Soon enough, Chalupa — who was in charge of the Democratic National Committee’s “ethnic outreach” efforts — began circulating memos and emails laying out Manafort’s connections. She exchanged messages about him with investigative journalists in Kiev. She even helped organize a rally among Ukrainian-Americans in New Britain, Conn. (Manafort’s hometown). Protesters railed against Manafort as “Putin’s Trojan Horse” and demanded that Trump fire him.

Chalupa’s efforts did not go unnoticed by Stranny’s Russian masters.

As she was doing so, Chalupa discovered she herself had become a target. On April 20, she got the first of a series of pop-up messages from Yahoo security notifying her she had been the victim of a “state sponsored” cyberattack. It was an early sign of what would soon become one of the biggest political stories of the year: a massive cyberattack on the Democratic National Committee and other political organizations that U.S. intelligence has now concluded was the work of Russian intelligence. “I was freaked out,” Chalupa told Yahoo News in August. “This was really scary.

In Stranahan’s tortured mind, the whole thing is tied into a George Soros-funded effort to meddle with affairs in the former Yugoslavian state now known as the Republic of Macedonia.

Macedonia is a member of the UN and of the Council of Europe. Since 2005 it has also been a candidate for joining the European Union and has applied for NATO membership. Although one of the poorest countries in Europe, Macedonia has made significant progress in developing an open, market based economy.

President Trump has so much regard for these former Yugoslavian states that he recently manhandled Dusko Markovic, the leader of Montenegro, to get a better spot in a group photo.

Be that as it may, Stranahan has started yet another website to snare your cash —, created on May 23.

Stranny cites a letter signed by seven of the dimmest right wing bulbs in Congress as his proof that Sheldon Adelson The Koch Brothers Robert Mercer Philip Anschutz George Soros is trying to influence politics.

Watch the video, send him your money. I, for one, have always wondered about the restaurants and shopping malls in Macedonia.


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