In a bipartisan decision by the Senate Intelligence Committee at the request of former FBI Director James Comey, the committee has released Comey’s opening statement in advance of tomorrow’s testimony.

Raw Story does a fine job of breaking down the six key points of the statement.

1.) Comey had nine separate private conversations with Trump during a span of only four months. In contrast, Comey said he only spoke privately with former President Barack Obama twice during his time in office.”

2.) Trump told Comey repeatedly that he “expected loyalty” — and wouldn’t easily take “no” for an answer.

3.) Trump specifically told Comey that he had no involvement with Russian prostitutes.

4.) Despite this, Trump asked Comey if he could somehow prove that the “golden shower” incident never happened.

5.) Trump admitted the possibility that “satellite” associates might have done something wrong.

6.) In their final conversation before Comey’s firing, Trump implored Comey to publicly state that he was not under investigation.

Read the whole thing!


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