A person writes anti-Islamic thoughts and posts anti-Islamic images that would likely enrage Islamic extremists or, perhaps, even cause a young Muslim to believe he is hated in America, making him a prime target for radicalization.

Somebody discovers these writings and images and realizes this individual’s mindless hatred could be placing co-workers and the public at large at risk, so he makes the Islamophobe visible to the public so folks will know it is THAT individual, not the population at large, that has these hateful views.

Does the Islamophobe remove the images, apologize for the blasphemy in the eyes of adherents to one of the globe’s largest religious communities and promise to never do it again?

Of course not.

The Islamophobe accuses the person who exposed him of being a “terrorist.”

Sound familiar?

An Arkansas lawmaker has lashed out at a local reporter,  saying that calling out his anti-Muslim posts  on Facebook has painted a “target on him” and  is putting his family at risk.

According to Max Brantley of the Arkansas Times,  State Sen. Jason Rapert (R) claims the Brantly has been “careless” with his tweets pointing out that Rapert has posted videos on his Facebook page that call for violence against Muslims.

According to the Republican lawmaker, posting the videos is not “‘touting’ or promoting – it is simply sharing.

The long time reader is excused for feeling a nauseous bit of deja vu. Back in 2012, a pseudonymous attorney calling itself “Aaron Worthing” began providing free legal assistance in Maryland to an individual involved in a lawsuit against Brett Kimberlin. Kimberlin decided he had the right to know the real name of this “secret lawyer” and learned his real identity was Aaron Walker, a compliance attorney for a home health care business, NOT licensed to practice in Maryland. Kimberlin also knew “Worthing” as the creator of an “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day” blog where he invited fellow Islamophobes across the nation to submit drawings, providing they used their actual names, and he would publish them, “The more fatwah worthy, the better.”

If you want to earn the title of “bravest” give me your full name, city and state. The bravest will be the most prominently featured in my letter to the creators of South Park. I willl accept and publish cartoons annonymously (sp), but I really encourage you to give out your name, city and state to make the boldest statement. And I have in fact done so myself. (Aaron Worthing, Manassas, Virginia, in case you forgot.)

Breitbart Unmasked reported on this cowardly phenomenon at the time, including a screencap from Walker’s now largely-abandoned blog.

Mr. Walker had been ginning up support on his blog by asking others to submit what he termed as FATWA worthy cartoons. Fatwa meaning cartoons or images that were guaranteed to get him on some form of Muslim extremist death list. That was Mr. Walker’s criteria for others to submit articles to his hate blog. They had to be death worthy, else they would not be included on the website. I have to ask myself what on earth was Mr. Walker thinking? He was in effect begging for people to come and get him. And not only that, he told people where he was, and his fake name Aaron Worthing, and what town he was living in, which is Manassas Virginia. Then he included the phrase “come and get me bitches” and said that if they do, they better realize that he practiced the second amendment at his property. So in effect Mr. Walker was begging extremist Muslims to bring the wrath of Mohammed on his head. He further went on to tell people that if there was any beheading to be done, then that should fall on his head.

So when his employers found out about this they were naturally hesitant to keep this idiot on board at their firm. They believed in compassionate care for all, and did not wish to be associated with an extremist Muslim hater such as Aaron Justin Walker. So in effect they terminated him, and with it, his wife who worked there as a Nursing assistant. So in reality Mr. Walker brought his own downfall upon himself. It was his extremist writings on issues that were, and still are to this day, very hot button topics. And because of that issue Mr. Walker was considered poison. He then started a years long campaign to destroy the person who had found out his identity which was Brett Kimberlin. That campaign is in full swing today. Mr. Walker of course doesn’t allude to the real reasons why he was fired, nor will he answer to these posts or comments he made below. Those comments in Mr. Walker’s mind could not be the real reason he was terminated or why others feared being around him, because that is not his responsibility. You see he never takes responsibility for his own actions. He would rather lie and tell others that someone else was responsible for these actions against him. He would rather not take responsibility for his own life or the actions of that life. That is someone else’s responsibility. He feels that he wants to stand up for freedom of speech, but fails to realize that some speech is just not tolerated very well in our socially connected world.

Maybe it will give Aaron Walker some comfort to know that he is not the only cowardly, crawling shit on the face of this planet, although Mr. Rapert was brave enough to post his hatred and Muslm-baiting under his real name and Walker insisted others use THEIR real names while he hid under his wife’s voluminous skirt.

As Brantley points out, The Inquisitr has also called out Rapert before, noting that in September of last year the Arkansas lawmaker called for anyone who supported the rights of Muslims — labeling them “Muslim sympathizers — to be “rounded up.”

Following a bomb attack in New Jersey, Rapert wrote — in a now-deleted Facebook post, ” Regardless of who is responsible for these events today – we need to round up every single Muslim extremist sympathizer and other anti-American crazies and detain them or deport them. And for goodness sake – stop bringing more Muslims into this nation.”

Earlier this week, Rapert posted a video from Fox News contributor Todd Starnes complaining about a school designating two rooms into prayer rooms for Muslim students. Rapert went well beyond “simply sharing” — adding his own commentary to the Facebook post.

“It should be highlighted and understood why they are encouraging Islam which is a cult of death and violence against all non-Muslims,” Rapert wrote before adding, “America in distress.”

In his note to journalist Brantley, Rapert vowed that he is “forever resolved” to keep posting on Facebook despite his feelings that his family is imperiled.

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