Despite court after court ruling that Trump’s self-described “travel ban” was unconstitutional, the Supreme Court today — in effect — said “WHAT Constitution?” and agreed to take up Trump’s appeal of the lower court rulings.

Trump’s proposed ban — which would bar travel from Yemen, Somalia, Libya, Iran, Syria and Sudan — has been repeatedly struck down by lower courts as unconstitutional.

In agreeing to hear the case, the Supreme Court partially reinstated a portion of the ban, and people from those six countries who do not have bona fide ties with people or entities within the United States will be barred from entry. The order is set to go into effect within the next 72 hours.

The Trump administration was quick to accept the decision as complete vindication of this violation of the prohibition of “religious tests” in America. The 4th Circuit Court, the 9th Circuit Court, all the other lower courts are BAD courts. Only the SUPREME Court, packed with right wing morons, is a GOOD court.

Hang on to your freedoms.

By The Portly Pundit

After four months in the belly of the right wing media beast, and after a full four days of hot showering, everyone's favorite Portly Pundit is once again weaving tales of progressive pulchritude on Breitbart Unmasked.

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