Sean Spicer, the President’s Press Secretary, stood in front of the assembled White House Press Corps with his face hanging out and told what he KNOWS, what he MUST know being older than 3 years old and having an IQ above that of a house plant, what he KNOWS is a dirty, stupid lie.

In an off-camera briefing, Spicer was asked about the recent revelations that President Donald Trump’s son met with Russian lawyer Natalia Veselnitskaya to obtain damaging information about Hillary Clinton.

According to reporters who attended the briefing, Spicer insisted that the meeting had only been about Magnitsky Act sanctions against Russia, which prompted President Vladimir Putin to halt all Russian adoptions for parents in the U.S.

“There was nothing as far as we know that would lead anyone to believe” they discussed another other than the Magnitsky Act, Spicer reportedly said.

Nothing as far as we know. Except for the e-mails, Sean. You know, the e-mails? The ones from Rob Goldstone to Donny-boy telling him he had a Rooskie lawyer who would dish up such dirt on Hillary you could PLOTZ and all with the approval and blessing of the Russian Government that wanted to help Trump WIN the election, hoo hah? Those e-mails?

Are THEY that stupid? Or are WE?

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