Let the alt-right brown-nosing begin! After blowing a kiss to the real media after appearing at his first press conference since being named White House Communications Director, Anthony Scaramucci couldn’t wait to hustle his buns to the XM Satellite Radio studios for a chance to nestle his face directly between the ample cheeks of Breitbart political editor Matt Boyle.

“One of the things Breitbart has done is you’ve captured the spirit of what’s actually going on in the country,” Scaramucci told Boyle during an interview on “Breitbart News Saturday” on SiriusXM.

Scaramucci further joked with Boyle that he was surprised the editor had not sent in his resume for West Wing consideration yet.

Ha. What a joker. Seriously.

Scaramucci said he is aiming to get Trump’s unfiltered message through to his supporters via the president’s Twitter feed, bypassing mainstream outlets that Trump often calls “fake news” while hoping to de-escalate what Scaramucci sees as unfairness and bias in the media.

“We have enough outlets whether it’s Breitbart, the president’s social media feed all of the different apparatus that we have where people will will also us to deliver our message to the American people unfiltered,” Scaramucci said. “We’re having a rough time with the mainstream media, but last time I checked during the campaign we were having a rough time with the mainstream media and the people see through it.”

By “the people,” Scaramucci obviously means the right wing minority that gets all its misinformation from Breitbart and Fox News.

Founded by the no-longer-alive Andrew Breitbart, the wingnut news site built a reputation for boosting the “alt-right” movement under the leadership of former boss Steve Bannon, who left Breitbart to join Donald Trump’s presidential campaign and now serves as Trump’s chief strategist.

Some strategist. Published reports say Bannon is livid with Trump for hiring “Mooch” against his objections. Not livid enough to resign, mind you, like former Press Secretary Sean Spicer did on Friday while there’s still an outside chance his soul might get into heaven when he dies. But livid.