It is no surprise that failed, fired, flub of an attorney Aaron Walker would be subpoenaed in WJJ Hoge III’s iuris vexationes against Brett Kimberlin and Bill Schmalfeldt. After all, the defendants would naturally seek to question the person they believe may be illegally practicing law in Maryland, where he is not admitted to the bar. But our manly eyebrows were raised, causing creases in our noble Roman forehead when we saw who else was mentioned on Kimberlin’s subpoena request.

As the Noble Brutus was fond of saying on the occasion of surprise, “Oooba Dooba Dooba!”

Mary du Bravo. The mysterious, perhaps purchased bride of Aaron Walker. Former captive of Islamic Terrorists in the Philippines. Perhaps the reason for Walker’s insane hatred for all things Islamic.

What, I ask you, WHAT might Mr. Kimberlin ask Ms. Du Bravo? What shady, sleazy, skeezy secrets might be revealed when she is under oath?

Will she admit to an affair with Plaintiff WJJ Hoge III?

Will she provide evidence of a clandestine three-way bedroom romp with Hoge and Hubby while Hoge IV took photos to preserve the event for latter-day fond reminiscences?

Will she speak of her possible Stockholm Syndrome-esque love for her Abu Sayyef captors and the purported love child she allegedely bore for their chief before reportedly ripping it from her womb like an unwanted polyp?

Will she, at long last, plead for placement in a government witness protection plan due to her courtroom testimony? And if so, how much will she cost US taxpayers?

By Publius Varinius

Roman praetor in 73 BC, proconsul in 72 BC, Courts and Law Reporter for Breitbart Unmasked

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