If you’re an editor at Breitbart.com and you find yourself running out of things to be victimized by, we would hope you would do a better job of creating a bogeyman.

John Carney (an appropriate last name) is the finance and economics editor at Bretibart and he’s having a sad over the cover of Vogue Magazine which shows the beautiful Jennifer Lawrence in a lovely low-cut flowing red gown with the beautiful Statue of Liberty in the background.

John Carney took offense. Not at the dress. Not at the actress. Not at the statue. In fact, we’re having a bit of difficulty understanding why Carney needs a safe place to protect his little snowflake heart from triggers like the cover of a fashion magazine.



Yeah. Um, what?

According to the Hollywood Reporter:

Carney claims that Vogue’s decision to include the Statue of Liberty — a symbol of freedom and an iconic figure that welcomes immigrants when they first arrive to America — is a veiled commentary on Donald Trump’s restrictive immigration policy. “It’s clearly an allusion to our current immigration debate, taking the #poemlaw side,” Carney responded to a Washington Examiner reporter.

Yeah. #Poemlaw. Um, what?

Near as we can figger, it refers to Stephen Miller (the Joseph Goebbels doppelgänger) who reminded folks that the iconic Emma Lazarus poem, “The New Colossus” — which she wrote in 1883 to raise funds for the creation of the statue, was not affixed to the statue itself until 1903.

Well. That explains THAT!

And now Carney is whining at the PLM (pointing, laughing and mockery) his bizarre tweet earned him.


Or, and consider this for a moment Carney, perhaps the “leftist” criticism has more to do with your craning your neck to the point of snapping your cervical vertebrae in your search for something to be offended by.

Would you like some cocoa and a blanket?

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