Hoge Porks the Pooch

All he had to do was wait. That’s all. Just wait. Watch the calendar, click down the days, do nothing.

But the arrogant anus that is WJJ Hoge III could not restrain the tidal wave of hatred it was holding back. The weak sphincter of his reason was not up to the task of waiting patiently to let Bill Schmalfeldt’s motion expire without a response. It let loose with explosive diarrhea of the keyboard, causing a tactical error that Hoge may well live to regret.

Schmalfeldt filed a motion for the Carroll County Circuit Court to reconsider its order that he appear in person for an August 21 show cause hearing and the subsequent trial. He filed that motion on August 7.

According to MD Rules, Rule 2-311, the person to whom the motion was directed, in this case Hoge the Horrid, has 15 days to file a response.

Break out your calculators.

7 + 15 = 22. August 22. The day after the trial is set to begin.

Hoge could have ignored Schmalfeldt’s motion. The motion would have gone without being fully briefed. Hizzoner, who to this point has seemed inclined to dish up that nice home cooking Hoge likes so much, could have ignored Schmalfeldt’s motion as it was not fully briefed and Schmalfeldt would have been forced to choose between a default judgment with a bench order, or putting himself through the physical discomfort of a long bus trip and four days of sitting on hard courtroom benches.

IF Hoge had chosen to clap his cloaca. That, he did not do.

Opp to Mot for Reconsideration Signed by himself2462 on Scribd

Now that Hoge has filed his opposition, Schmalfeldt as filed his response. And the motion is now fully briefed, and the jurist must rule on it.

The affidavit and certificate of service are included on the actual document, we are told.

We asked Schmalfeldt for a comment. He said, “Everything is proceeding as I have foreseen.”


By Publius Varinius

Roman praetor in 73 BC, proconsul in 72 BC, Courts and Law Reporter for Breitbart Unmasked

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