Sore and still bleeding from his brutal, humiliating, bruising beating at the hands of Brett Kimberlin in the recently closed Hoge v. Kimberlin, et al lawsuit, it seems WJJ Hoge III of Westminster, Maryland has found something new to embarrass himself over.

Now, he is alleging that Kimberlin may have sent an e-mail with a blind box carbon copy!

From yesterday’s obsessive “Team Kimberlin Post of the Day” (#1623)

Note the BCC addressee: Fintel

When I asked The Dread Pro-Se Kimberlin, “What is Fintel?”, he was stunned for a few seconds and finally responded that it was an address he sent email that he wanted to save. When I asked, “So you are Fintel?”, he stammered a bit of a non-response.

I think he had suddenly realized that he had screwed up big time. The emails did not wind up being admitted into evidence because the judge did not allow me to pursue the line of questioning I was trying to develop.


Are you on the edge of your seat yet?

Wait. There’s more.

This morning in Team Kimberlin Post of the Day #1624, Hoge alleges…

The contact person at Fintel was named [none of your business, actually].

This website and other websites were hosted ON THE SAME SERVER!!!

On March 6, 2015, Kimberlin filed a false peace order petition against Hoge, except there is no such thing as a false peace order petition, it is a peace order petition. The District Court denied the petition on March 13.

THEN! On the 15th and 16th, Hoge’s cracked team of investigators uncovered three documents from their well-hidden spots on the very public Texas Secretary of State Website.

The first indicates a pending review for a non-profit status for Almighty Media.

The second shows the Texas Secretary of State RECEIVED a LEGAL ENTITY FILING DOCUMENT from ALMIGHTY MEDIA!

The third shows a LETTER from the Texas Secretary of State indicating that Almighty Media was WITHDRAWING the legal entity filing.

God. God. God. What next!


Another thing that happened in March, 2015, is that TDPK discovered that the registered agent for the National Bloggers Club had failed to make some filings with the Texas Secretary on State, so Kimberlin moved to take over the registration of that corporate name. The Gentle Reader may remember that the Cabin Boy™ had a Twitter account styling himself as President of the National Bloggers Club.



Given that bit of history, the Gentle Reader may be able to surmise why a member of the Vast Hogwash! Research Organization came to be scrutinizing business filings in Texas.

Stay tuned.

No need. Case solved. Note the address on the document filed on Charity Navigator.

The IRS has the same information.

OK? Mystery solved. But I understand that a check of Mr. Kimberlin’s septic tank (if he has one, and if he doesn’t, WHY NOT?) will reveal what the family has been eating for the last couple months.

Hoge might want to get his cracked investigators on THAT one RIGHT AWAY!

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