He claims his “Johnny Atsign” feature is a work of fiction. But is it? Would a good libel attorney be able to bust Hoge for pointing out that his readers know perfectly well who and what he is talking about?

In today’s “episode,” Hoge writes about his involvement in what he calls a “honeypot”, a ruse designed to authenticate already authenticated information about me.

CHARACTER LIST: GROUCH, me; GRAYSON, Patrick Grady; ZOMBIE, “Paul Krendler;” JOHNNY, Hoge.

JOHNNY: A few months back, I had assisted a guy by the name of Grayson who was being harassed by The Grouch. The Grouch had tried to get a peace order against him, claiming that Grayson and Zombie were the same person and that The Grouch was being harassed by Zombie. That whole matter began to unravel when The Grouch was a no-show at the peace order hearing. Grayson was subsequently able to get a no-contact stalking order against The Grouch.

Listeners who’ve been tuning in over the past year probably know that The Grouch has not been very good about obeying court orders. In Grayson’s case, he’s been insisting off and on that Grayson is Zombie and continuing to contact the Zombie. Even if the two are not the same, The Grouch says they are, so at least he’s trying to disobey the no-contact order. And he probably thinks he’s getting away with something.

Which brings us back to that phone call …

ZOMBIE: (Telephone Filter) (Fading in) … so we were hoping you would have the connections to authenticate as much of it as possible.

JOHNNY: Well, why not just show the stuff to him and ask him if it’s his?

ZOMBIE: (Telephone Filter) You mean in a deposition or in court? No. There’s no legal action pending. At least, not yet.

JOHNNY: Oh, there are other ways to do that.

ZOMBIE: (Telephone Filter) Such as?

Oh, how about asking me over the telephone, via an e-mail, a Tweet? It’s not like I was trying to hide anything! But Hoge claimed to have a better idea.

JOHNNY: Ever hear of a honeypot?

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JOHNNY: The Grouch and his buddies are not nearly such great hackers as they imagine, and they don’t have really first-rate google-fu, but eventually enough breadcrumbs were scattered around the Internet for one of them to take notice.

I don’t imagine myself a hacker of any sort. I do know how to do a Google Search and how to follow leads. But Hoggy alleges they left clues for me all over the Internet.

ZOMBIE DMS: (SYNTH VOICE) @JohnnyAtsign Over 300 hits on the new site today.

JOHNNY DMS: (SYNTH VOICE) @Zombie Just chill and wait for the FUN. Don’t pull it down till he publishes something.

JOHNNY: And it wasn’t long before The Grouch was bleeding all over his Internet radio microphone and telling both his listeners of his great discovery of the conspiracy against him, a conspiracy to do such evil things as gather publicly available information about him.

Actually, I was more upset about the conspiracy the website revealed, which you can see at http://hoggypot.wordpress.com which shows the extent these cretins went to in the organizing of their harassment attempts. including the mailing of a forged letter, the mailing of a Tupperware container filled with horse shit, the mailing of a jail uniform, all with the EXPRESSED INTENT to cause mental distress.

Listeners who’ve been tuning in over the past year probably know that The Grouch has little if any respect for the copyrights of others, and it wasn’t long before he began republishing what he had found. And, of course, he decried the fact that all that information was really about him, and he claimed it invaded his privacy. In other words, he authenticated it.

JOHNNY TWEETS: (SYNTH VOICE) @TheGrouch Gotcha, sucker.

Does that even make any sense? I discovered the website accidentally by doing a search on the way “Krendler” and his readers spelled Hoge’s name with 21 O’s at certain times. I didn’t write a word about it until I had salvaged as much as I could from the Google Cache, from which one will find no sign of https://hoooooooooooooooooooooge.wordpress.com to this day.

Once I had all I could salvage, I revealed my discovery. Hoge immediately declared it a “honeypot.” Hundreds of pages and images, beginning March 28, 2014, and ending March 9, 2015. And Hoge admits his part in it.

If it is fake, it’s still horrible! It shows how determined Hoge, Grady, Palmer, Johnson and the whole Hee Haw gang were at pretending they were gathering evidence they hoped I would discover at about the same time my wife was dying.

If it’s real, it’s horrible. It is a journal of conspiracy showing how the gang worked under the cover of a members-only website to trade bits of personal information about me in an effort to wreck my life.

Either way, it’s horrible. And it will be introduced as evidence in the Federal Libel and Conspiracy trial in South Carolina.


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