An ongoing investigation into “suspicious” activity in the back seat of a car involving an inmate trustee at the Fauquier County, Virginia, jail led to the arrest Tuesday of Teresa Jo Burchfield, who happens to be the wife of an ethics attorney to President Donald Trump’s business organization.

According to the Fauquier Times:

Burchfield, 53, is married to Bobby R. Burchfield, a partner at Washington’s King and Spalding, who was appointed as an independent ethics advisor to the Donald J. Revocable Trust in January.

Burchfield, a longtime Republican attorney, served as counsel to President George W. Bush in the 2000 Florida recount.

Please note, the county’s name is NOT pronounced “F*ck Here.”

Teresa Jo Burchfield was arrested Tuesday afternoon in a parking lot adjacent to the Fauquier County Adult Detention Center after deputies found her in the backseat of a car with an inmate/trustee at the jail, according to sheriff’s office Sgt. James Hartman.

Burchfield and the 23-year-old inmate were having sex in the car, according to a criminal complaint filed at Fauquier County General District Court.

“The defendant was caught in the backseat of her vehicle with an inmate…,” Dept. J. B. Thorpe wrote in Burchfield’s criminal complaint. “When the inmate exited the vehicle, he handed me a bag of brown pills (capsules), that he claims to be workout pills.”

I guess the pills were working out for the inmate, eh?

After the two were discovered, the inmate, Hartman said, was found in possession of cigarettes, clothes, vitamin supplements and other “unauthorized articles alleged to have been obtained from the female.”

The inmate was on trustee status at the time, meaning he was jailed on “minimal charges” and “authorized to perform work inside and outside of the detention center and sheriff’s office facilities,” Hartman said in a statement.

The inmate told deputies he had been meeting with Burchfield for about a month, court filings say.

The Sheriff’s Office declined to identify the inmate or describe his connection to Burchfield.

(Mske your own jokes regarding that last sentence.)

Burchfield was charged with willfully delivering unauthorized articles to a confined prisoner, a class 1 misdemeanor. She was released on $5,000 secured bond.

(Looks like she won’t be charged for delivering the back seat boinking!)

Attempts to contact Teresa Burchfield and Bobby Burchfield were not immediately successful Thursday morning.

No duh.

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