James O'Keefe (left), pictured in 2015, has carried out a series of high-profile video operations against organizations like Planned Parenthood and ACORN, as well as news outlets, including NPR and CNN. | Pablo Martinez Monsivais/AP Photo

A Michigan teachers union has taken a preemptive action against James O’Keefe and his collective lot of liars known as Project Veritas.

According to Politico‘s Josh Gernstein, the Breitbart Spawn has been temporarily restrained from disclosing videos or other information gathered during an undercover operation carried out against the American Federation of Teachers office in Detroit.

Wayne County Circuit Judge Brian Sullivan issued the order Friday blocking Project Veritas and a woman said to be working with the group, Marisa Jorge, who — using the name Marissa Perez — obtained an internship at AFT beginning in May. During that internship she often acted suspiciously, according to the complaint.

Jorge “showed an interest in charter schools and in instances of educators who had supposedly engaged in ‘sexting’’ with students; there were no such instances,” the court complaint says. “Over the next three months Defendant engaged Plaintiff’s staff and regularly sought information which was beyond her assignment. … Defendant Jorge appeared at Plaintiff’s work site wearing adornments which are capable of hiding a camera or recording device. She wore large pearls, large glasses and clothing with buttons capable of hiding a camera.”

AFT says that Jorge is actually a Liberty University graduate but that she posed as a University of Michigan student when seeking the internship. The union alleges that earlier this year Jorge tried to infiltrate DisruptJ20, a group opposed to President Donald Trump’s inauguration, but that she was identified and driven out.

Several of Jorge’s social media pages appear to have been abruptly taken down in recent days. Project Veritas responded by shaking it’s tiny fist at Politico.

A spokesman for Project Veritas, Stephen Gordon, said, “Project Veritas has focused this year on investigating the mainstream media. I expect Politico to be as anxious to report on our findings in our upcoming investigative release aimed right at the heart of the establishment media complex as they are to bashing Project Veritas based on over-hyped press releases that don’t amount to anything of consequence.”

Apparently the folks at Politico are sleeping just fine at night, thank you.

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