In Literature, it’s Called ‘Foreshadowing’

Posing with military leaders and spouses, Trump refers to gathering as "calm before the storm." Asked, "What storm," the President replied, "You'll see."

In literature, it’s called “foreshadowing”. In this case, it’s not literature, and it’s foreboding foreshadowing.

President Donald Trump posed for a photo-op with senior military officials and their spouses Thursday evening.

Trump referred to the time as possibly being “the calm before the storm.”

Trump made the remark without being questioned by reporters, asking them: “You guys know what this represents? Maybe it’s the calm before the storm.”

Trump was pressed further to described the “storm” he was referencing but refused to elaborate, telling media members, “You’ll find out” before thanking them for coming.

Kim Jong Un could not be reached for comment.


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