Well, that explains everything. A reporter for Breitbart News explained that all of Trump’s current problems may be a result of feminist witches casting hexes on the President.

It makes so much sense!

Raw Story reports that while appearing on Breitbart Radio Monday morning, a reporter for the conservative website defended an article he wrote that posits that “feminists’” are turning to witchcraft to combat President Donald Trump.

Using the Twitter hashtag #MagicResistance, tech writer Charlie Nash told Breitbart editor-in-chief Alex Marlow in all seriousness that feminism and witchcraft have become “increasingly entwined,” reports Right Wing Watch.

“They have these other women which they can kind of get together and have a weird time with,’ he explained. “Secondly, I think it scares religious people. Obviously, a lot of these people are atheistic. They like to wind up the Christians. And thirdly, I think they also have a kind of—they feel like they have a connection to the persecuted women of the Salem witch trials. They look at these women and see them as kind of as victims of patriarchy, almost.”

Makes about as much sense as anything else being spewed by Breitbart, one supposes.

By Langston Hews, Staff Writer

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