‘Pardon My Brother, Trump,” Flynn’s Sib Demands

That will probably help. Newsweek reports that Joseph Flynn, the brother of President Donald Trump’s former national security adviser and campaign aide Michael Flynn, said Tuesday it is “about time” the President pardons his brother.

“About time you pardon General Flynn who has taken the biggest fall given the illegitimacy of his confessed crime in the wake of all this corruption,” Joseph Flynn reportedly tweeted Tuesday afternoon and deleted 15 minutes later. Newsweek confirmed with Joseph Flynn that he had sent the post, which he said he tweeted in response to Trump’s post attacking the FBI and Hillary Clinton for the famous Christopher Steele dossier.

Despite deleting his original tweet, Joseph Flynn told Newsweek that he stands by his original tweet. He later sent another, toned-down tweet to Trump asking for a pardon on Tuesday evening.

No response from the very busy, back-to-work President from the links.


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