• Senior American Center For Law and Justice Law Partner James Henderson Caught Giving LGBT Teen Boys Booze And Drugs For Sex


  • FBI Investigation Requested By Advocacy Organization Killed Without Explanation


  • All References To James Henderson Scrubbed From ACLJ Website After Teen Sex Abuse Complaint To FBI


  • ACLJ Filed Legal Briefs Against LGBT Community While Senior Law Partner Who Signed Several Such Briefs Was Exploiting Teen Boys For Sex


  • Allegations Of Cover-up And Lack Of Transparency Lead To Questions About Hush Money And Possible Blackmail


Recent revelations that Donald Trump supported accused serial pedophile Roy Moore for the United States Senate have raised serious questions about whether this was just the latest Trump approval of teen sex abusers.  Apparently, Trump supports his attorney Jay Sekulow, who is also the Chief Counsel for the conservative law firm, American Center for Law and Justice (“ACLJ”), even though Sekulow worked side by side for years with his law partner — teen sex abuser James Henderson.  Although there is no evidence that Sekulow himself engaged in sex with teen boys, Henderson, who was Sekulow’s senior law partner and writer of ACLJ briefs attacking LGBT laws, engaged in a long-term campaign to exploit teen boys for sex using illegal drugs and alcohol.  After several of the boys complained about this sex abuse, the FBI was notified, Henderson immediately departed ACLJ, and all references to him were scrubbed from the ACLJ website.


On June 25, 2012, the advocacy campaign “Occupy for Accountability” filed a complaint against ACLJ with both the FBI and the Washington DC Police Department demanding a criminal investigation of ACLJ and Henderson.  The complaint included video, audio, photos, text messages, chats and Facebook posts showing that Henderson stole the identity of an innocent man from Chicago and used that identity to prey on teens and engage in serial teen sex abuse.  The conclusion of the complaint stated the following:


In conclusion, the evidence presented here and in the accompanying DVD provides a sufficient basis on which to launch robust federal and state investigations of James Henderson for violating a broad range of criminal statutes meant to hold sexual predators accountable for their reprehensible behavior.


We urge this investigation to include any cover-up by staff at the American Center for Law and Justice, and whether Mr. Henderson used computers or other resources of ACLJ to prey on teenage boys.  Like the case of Jerry Sandusky, which also occurred over many years, we ask that you investigate who knew what and when, including other staff at ACLJ.   We ask you to investigate whether Mr. Henderson acted alone or with the help of others.  Also, because ACLJ is involved in sensitive cases involving the Government and foreign affairs, we ask that you investigate whether Mr. Henderson’s conduct breached or compromised confidential matters or matters of national security.  {See full letter here}


However, instead of a Sandusky-type investigation, the entire investigation was killed and ACLJ and its Chief Counsel Jay Sekulow continued their activities without making any public statements or acknowledgment of the teen sex abuse by a senior partner.  Henderson merely departed ACLJ and ACLJ scrubbed all references to him from its website.  Sekulow and ACLJ refused any comment from journalists who contacted them.


So the questions we have now are:


  • Did ACLJ engage in a cover-up of the Henderson gay teen sex abuse?
  • Was Henderson terminated, forced out or did he quit?
  • What were the terms of Henderson’s departure from ACLJ?
  • Was any internal investigation done at ACLJ and if so, why has that report not been made public?
  • Were ACLJ resources used by Henderson to commit his sex abuse?
  • Were ACLJ funders and board members informed about Henderson’s sex abuse?
  • Did ACLJ pay hush money to Henderson or the teens he abused?
  • If not, were the abused teens supported with any type of therapy or compensation to address and mitigate the serial sex abuse?
  • Did ACLJ or Jay Sekulow use improper influence to kill the FBI and Washington PD criminal investigations?
  • What did Trump and the White House know about this sex scandal when they hired Jay Sekulow to represent Donald Trump and be the public face for Donald Trump’s legal team?
  • Were others at ACLJ aware of Henderson’s teen sex abuse and did they enable or participate in that criminal conduct?
  • Was ACLJ blackmailed or did the cover-up by ACLJ increase the potential that ACLJ could be blackmailed?
  • Did Jay Sekulow withhold information about an FBI complaint against ACLJ and Henderson when being vetted to represent Donald Trump?
  • If not, was Donald Trump ok with the ACLJ/Henderson teen sex abuse?


We are an advocacy organization rather than a criminal investigative agency or news organization.  Therefore, we do not have the resources to answer these questions.  However, we urge the FBI to re-open its investigation and news organizations to follow up on the evidence we presented to the FBI.  The teens abused by Henderson while employed by ACLJ deserve their #MeToo moment and the public deserves to know what Donald Trump’s lawyer, Jay Sekulow, knew about Henderson’s teen sex abuse and whether he was involved or enabled it in any way.



By Marcus Crassus

Marcus Licinius Crassus was a Roman general and politician who played a key role in the transformation of the Roman Republic into the Roman Empire.

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