In what can only be seen as yet another step on the road toward totalitarianismNBC News reports that Donald Trump is giving serious consideration to turning the tables on Special Counsel Robert Mueller and the team investigating Russia’s interference in the 2016 U.S. election.

A Tuesday NBC News report said that Trump is pursuing a “two-track strategy to deal with the Mueller investigation.”

On the one hand, Trump is telling some in the White House that he expects Mueller to clear him in the coming days.

But Trump also may have a darker plan when it comes to Mueller, one source told NBC.

“Trump — who trusts no one, or at least no one for long — has now decided that he must have an alternative strategy that does not involve having Justice Department officials fire Mueller,” NBC noted.

“Trump is even talking to friends about the possibility of asking Attorney General Jeff Sessions to consider prosecuting Mueller and his team,” the report added.

Like the tin-plated dictator he wants to be, the Trump strategy of “You can’t prosecute me, I’ll prosecute YOU!” should strike fear into the heart of any American who believes that government and elected officials should be held accountable for their misdeeds.

By Langston Hews, Staff Writer

Always intensely subjective, passionate, keenly sensitive to beauty and possessed of an unfaltering musical sense, Langston Hews has given us a 'first book' that marks the opening of a career well worth watching.

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