As if President Trump doesn’t get enough adulation, now comes right wing lunatic fringe website WND (WorldNetDaily) launching a thank you card drive for Trump called, ThankTrump.US.

Launched in late December 2017, the site attempts to give praise to Trump through their readers delivering him thank you cards they (WND) drafted for them to send. No word on whether Trump actually receives these cards though. Of course when you type that domain name into your browser it redirects back to, so they either wanted to hide their association with it and did it poorly, or they just decided they didn’t give a damn that anyone knew they were running the domain.

No matter, Trump needs wingers, and religious ones at that to thank him for whatever it is they feel they wanted to thank him for. However, one card was a trend back to the days of President Obama, and the “Hope and Change” narrative that Obama ran on which has now been subverted to thanking Trump for Hope and Change, but this time they called it “The Real” Hope and Change. Cards

There is a selection of cards of course, and according to WND, 23166 cards have so far been sent to President Trump. Some cards are more favored than others as noted by the numbers on the bottom right corner of the card selection. The one card that shows the most thanks is: Praying for your continued success! May The Lord bless you and keep you, which has garnered 8241 cards sent. The cards thanking Trump in order of appearance are:

You Kept Your Promise

Thank God for the Trump Miracle

You Are Proof That God Answers The Prayers Of His Children

Trump 2020: His Vision Is Sure, And We Need 4 More Years

Praying For Your Continued Success! May The Lord bless you and keep you


Thank you President Trump, for putting America First!

Thank you President Trump, for the real Hope and Change!

What Happened? Trump Happened!

Mr. President, Thank You For Your Service! 

Most of these cards are by and large religious in nature. But they also speak to a base that feels the need to praise their leader and give him all the adulation that one can give him. So needy are these so called Christians, that they will overlook all manner of sin within Trump.

Sleeping with a Porn Star? No problem, you are given a mulligan for that one. Besides, which Christian stud amongst you has not wished to sleep with the porn star pictures hidden under their beds? Cheat on your wife? Why sure, which Christian stud doesn’t advocate stepping out from time to time to drain the swamp? Selling out the country to foreign agents? Why sure, which Christian stud hasn’t wanted to look the other way or turn the other cheek while selling the country down the river from time to time?

Just don’t forget to “Thank Trump” for all he’s done to help you and yours maintain your white Christian identity.