Viewpointe Drive
Viewpointe Drive

An audit of Twitter IPs from a court ordered subpoena shows that the physical address of Lynn Thomas, the longtime right wing attack dog and smear artist identified in November as the creator of the Kimberlin Unmasked Blogspot domain, was the origin of tweets on the @kimberlinunmask account.

The social network permanently suspended the account in December and supplied Brett Kimberlin with IP addresses used to tweet through it. Thomas used various proxies and a VPN to hide her IP address, but she was inconsistent, logging in several times from her father’s home in St. Charles, Illinois without concealing their residential IP from Twitter.

Thomas and her father Peter Malone live on Viewpointe Drive in St. Charles, Illinois. He is a prominent Kane County Republican committeeman facing reelection next Tuesday. His past activities include organizing for the Fair Tax Act, a Grover Norquist project that has been trying to drown the IRS in a bathtub since 2007. His name also turns up in the Legacy Tobacco Documents Library, a database of over 80 million documents “created by major tobacco companies related to their advertising, manufacturing, marketing, sales, and scientific research activities.”

The Malone family has longstanding ties to the banking industry and Republican politics in Chicago.

Thomas cut her defamatory fangs by writing for hate groups and creating hate blogs. She appears to have been a key organizer of what many observers believe to be a cooperative defamation project in which multiple users accessed a Twitter account and blog to affect Google results for Kimberlin’s name with libelous and false information. Other targets included former BU writer Bill Schmalfeldt.

The KU website went offline in January after defendants in Kimberlin’s Maryland defamation suit lost an important set of motions. According to our sources, both his state and federal suits will be amended to include this information.

  • Sad to say, but @Kimberlinunmask is back online with protected tweets. Twitter really does a horrible job of policing its own TOS.

    • The account isn’t going to affect Google results while it’s locked, though. And if you check the site, Lynn has a nifty little message about how her lawyer (who isn’t her lawyer) told her to take the site down, and how Kimberlin was mean to her lawyer, and how he’s an awful, terrible, no-good, very bad person, and won’t you help us please? I wonder if her dad will do a fundraiser for his defense too, now.

      • Xcitizen10

        She and her father could be in some real trouble financially. That house looks pretty big. KU was the only one that got his/her own separate representation, and the DelBianco ran (didn’t walk) from the case.

        Now everyone is picking on her for depictions of Kimberlin as the “PedoBear”, lists of people accused of being on “Team Kimberlin” (complete with the implied threat that legal action for them is on the way), and defamatory posts of ANYONE that might disagree with the narrative she/he/they were trying to establish.

  • melissa

    If this goes to discovery it will be really interesting to see who else is involved, and how much they coordinated — not just to libel and smear BK, but to find people they didn’t like and attach our names to his.

    • Amen sister. Starting in May 2012, anyone who disagreed with them, or who ever gave them a hard time over anything, was targeted for smears. I’d gladly come up to MD and tell it to a judge if need be.

      • Xcitizen10

        That’s really at the heart of it, Melissa/Matt. That was a vitriolic PR machine as I think that’s exactly what it was designed to do. I am sure in the minds of the paranoid critter(s) that ran the site and the account, the nefarious “Team Kimberlin” roll call was a list of people she/they intimidated with the implied threat of a lawsuit.

        TBH, the KU site was at the heart of the most vitriolic and hateful speech designed to anger, enrage, and frustrate anyone who disagreed with them, of which Bill probably got the worst of it. Lynn/others, in the end should’ve renamed the place to reflect that Bill was probably to most defamed out of anyone on the site.

        In an odd twist of events, many of the person(s) who ran the website cited Lee Stranahan’s “abuse” at the hands of Bill to be the reason they were hypocritically harassing Bill (like Lee was William Wallace or something). Now look at how that turned out for all of them.

        For whatever reason, it’s nice to see that blog (and it’s authors) flushed down the toilet. It was probably one of the most obsessive hate sites I’d ever seen penned, and if Lynn was the main author, she needs to be in a straight jacket in a padded room somewhere remote. Whoever wrote those nasty articles is a danger to themselves and others, IMO.

      • I’ve already got a seat on standby to fly to Maryland.

        Dinner when I arrive, Matt? On me.

    • Xcitizen10

      I knew as soon as I say that video of Lynn ranting that we had a psycho on our hands. It appears she’s combined he psychotic behavior with the skill set she learned at seeding and building political messages (presumably from her father).

      You are completely correct too. If you dare question hers/theirs batshit crazy conspiracy theories, you get branded and intimidated by the rest of the legion. Yes, I too am also interested to see what other cockroaches crawl out to the BU account. I’m a batting man by going in at about a half a dozen.

  • Penny Alesi

    If anyone needs a few words regarding Lynn Thomas, I’ll gladly give you some.

    • Hofenbrau

      Penny, please elaborate more on what you know about her. Thank you.

    • We will gladly print every word you have to say about Lynn Thomas.

  • This has been an interesting few days. Looks like Hoge is going to have to fight at least a three-front war… the state lawsuit, the federal suit, and now my appeal going to the Maryland Court of Appeals. (See latest patriot-ombudsman for info). It may turn out to be a four-front war by the end of this next week. And when I’m done with Hoge, I want to sit and watch as Lynn and her daddy eat each and every one of those funny little “Oedipal Bill” comics they published. No condiments. Just print, crumble and eat. Eat it all!

    • Thank you for keeping us informed. We cannot wait to see Mr. Hoge receive the legal pile-driver he richly deserves.

      • I suddenly have a vision of the judge leaping from the bench and coming down on Hoge with The People’s Elbow.

  • Veeeeery interestink.

  • Penny Alesi
    There is so much on this blog that describes the stuff Cow put me through.
    Watch her lie on stand. Also, a book was just released that describes what she did to help Idema make my life miserable.

    • We are several pages into the book. This is going to be heartbreaking, is it not?

  • Penny Alesi

    Here’s a summary of complaints I filed:

  • Penny Alesi

    Aggregator • Cao’s Blog • ID=67903 From 2010
    The Hagler Hit Squad Files Another Article With Clueless Mexican Press – Cao’s Blog Nov 6, 2010, 11:00 am
    Cao’s note: Journalism today is nothing more than learning how to “spin” and manufacture facts to fit into a preconceived narrative. Notice how Penny Alesi’s name is incorrectly spelled to protect her from full knowledge of her homosexual activism and rampant sexual promiscuity. This also prevents anyone from knowing the truth about her STD’s, having sex in underground bars in New York, and unprotected sex with multitudes of partners. She should be notifying her thousands of partners about HER health status and publish her blood records and tests for the world to see- rather than stalk innocent people who had the misfortune of knowing her.

  • Hofenbrau

    Thank you for sharing this information Penny. From the looks of it I would say that Lynn Thomas will probably end up in jail this time. She sure belongs there. Truth is she probably wants it. These sick freaks like pain, matter of fact they crave pain… When they don’t get their daily injection of it they go out looking for it until they find it. Maybe this sick fuck Lynn will get her ultimate wish in jail, pain on a hourly and by the minute basis.

  • RogerS

    I am interested in whether Ms. Thomas’ father was involved in the KimberlinUnmasked accounts. It is very common to sue the person who owns the account even if someone else in the home uses it for tortious purposes. Ultimately, under the law, the owner of the account is responsible for any abuse or misuse. Therefore, Ms. Thomas’ father is responsible whether or not he knew of or posted on the KimberlinUnmasked accounts. A good lawyer would sue them both.

    That could get very dicey for the father and the daughter. If he did not know, he will have to provide evidence against his daughter and will most certainly secure separate counsel. If he did know, then they will present a unified front with one lawyer. And if she did it without his knowledge, she may choose to admit liability in order to protect her father. So look at how they respond if they are both sued.

    I am also interested in how old her father is. She appears to be in her fifties which would make her father at least in his seventies. I know from my practice that elderly people do everything in their power to avoid lawsuits. This whole matter will likely cause him a great deal of anxiety unless he has been part of KimberlinUnmasked.

    If I recall correctly, there is more than one lawsuit pending against KimberlinUnmasked. If those end up being served on father and daughter, that will be a very heavy legal burden to overcome because a loss of one would probably ensure the loss of the other. It’s just the way the system works.

  • Judge Titus issues summonses to Daddy/Daughter Duo. Hoge has a sad.