The embattled state of Mississippi just lost a young conservative leader to the ongoing Tea Party vs. establishment civil war. Evan Alvarez, the chairman of the Mississippi Federation of College Republicans, has resigned his post and will be changing his party affiliation to Democrat “within the next few days.”

Unsurprisingly, in his resignation letter, Alvarez attributed his decision in part to the belief that tea party activists have too much of a voice in the party, “and because of that, the platform of the Republican Party has shifted too far to the right in my opinion.”

The Clarion Ledger explains the events leading up to the abrupt resignation, which appears to be illustrative of a widening rift between Mississippi’s Tea Party supporters and more mainstream, young conservatives. Alvarez’s resignation comes  on the heels of a refusal by  the MFCR board to remove Kolby Busby from the organization. Busby was  facing impeachment charges over two robocalls on behalf of Chris McDaniel in the Republican Party primary and primary runoff for U.S. Senate. Busby’s calls affiliated himself with MFCR, insinuating an endorsement that violated the organization’s policy of remaining neutral in primaries.

Alvarez describes the decision not to impeach Busby to the Clarion Ledger:

“When we informed him there wasn’t going to be an impeachment, but simply a reprimand and apology his attitude became more ignorant and cruel. He said he was not apologizing for anything and refused to be reprimanded for the two robocalls. At that point myself and the staffer at the GOP decided to cancel the meeting that day, and push it back to another Saturday in the coming month. We came to that conclusion because there was no way we would be able to have an effective meeting with roughly 35 yelling tea partiers in the lobby of the building, that were feeding Busby’s ignorant attitude.”

Alvarez’s resignation adds to the losses the Mississippi Tea Party has faced in the aftermath of one of the ugliest primary elections in the Mississippi Republican party’s recent history, rife with dirty tricks, scandals and criminal investigations. Mark Mayfield, a state Tea Party leader and volunteer for the McDaniel campaign accused of being a ringleader in a smear campaign against Thad Cochran, was found dead in his garage last week from a self-inflicted gunshot wound.

Thad Cochran is slated to be the Republican Senate nominee, although Chris McDaniel has demanded a recount and refuses to concede the race.


  • donedronemebro

    this young man made the right decision, he has a chance to help the world instead of hurt it, good for him

  • Richard Vandiamondsworth

    Alvarez: good riddance to bad rubbish. Establishment RINOs are virtual democrats anyway. The current GOP is center-left by default for not standing up to KING Ears.

    Y’all should really hate the Tea Patriots: we stand for all those outdated ideas you hate such as the Bill of Rights, strong borders, fiscal accountability, etc.

    • ralph_indianapolis

      You are paid for by folks like the Koch brothers (super rich) so that you will remove pollution laws, worker safety laws and and any tax on the rich. Do you think they care about regular folks except as a way to get what they want? Nope! You need to make a deal with the left wingers who also dislike the government rather then a deal with the uber rich.

      • Richard Vandiamondsworth

        I’m being paid? News to me. Let me know where I can pick up the check.

        …so that you will remove pollution laws, worker safety laws and and any tax on the rich.

        All three of those are not only not happening, they’re going the other way, with more draconian enviro-laws based on junk science, more job-killing regulations by the thousands and the rich?–they pay MORE than their fair share of taxes while the bottom 50% pays NO income tax but still suck down those entitlements).

        You don’t weaken a plutocracy or keep it in check by making everyone a dependent slave on government welfare.

        There are no left wingers who dislike government to the point they want the rule of law back in place and the criminals thrown out.

    • Liberty DiMarco

      Thad Cochran is a Reagan Republican. I grew up as one. That is RINO to you guys, who prefer Dixiecrat-wannabe Chris McDaniel. I did not vote for President Obama, but because I don’t think he is a Kenyan Muslim/Son of Satan/Evil Incarnate I am branded a RINO. Heck, even Marco Rubio is a RINO now because he dared try to work on the immigration issue (like Reagan did). You guys started out with some good ideas, but the lunatics have taken over