Controversial ‘voting integrity’ organization True The Vote refiled their federal lawsuit yesterday in Jackson, this time asking for a Temporary Restraining Order (TRO) to prevent the state from certifying Thad Cochran’s primary runoff victory. As I noted in our story yesterday morning about that lawsuit, in his Order to Show Cause the judge for the Northern district explicitly pointed out the absence of a TRO request as evidence that TTV was unserious about its case.

But conservative activists are quite serious as they dig in their heels to resist Thad Cochran’s victory. Tea party insurgent Chris McDaniel is demanding a do-over vote, and he has money from the Senate Conservatives Fund to sustain his campaign. Senator Ted Cruz is endorsing an investigation into how incumbent Thad Cochran won his primary runoff against McDaniel (spoiler: black Mississippians turned out to vote against the neoconfederate). None of this behavior is half-hearted, even if it is sometimes half-cocked.

At the end of her show last night, Rachel Maddow told viewers to “watch this space,” and rest assured we will stay right on top of the story.