Via the Associated Press:

WASHINGTON (AP) — The GOP-controlled House has voted to slash the budget for the Internal Revenue Service’s tax enforcement division by $1.2 billion, a 25 percent cut that would mean fewer audits of taxpayers and make it more likely that people who cheat on their taxes will get away with it.

The House approved the cuts by voice vote after little debate Monday night as it took up a $21 billion spending bill that sets the IRS budget.

The cuts reflect GOP outrage over the agency’s scrutiny of tea party groups seeking tax-exempt status and frustration over the agency’s failure to produce thousands of emails by Lois Lerner, the official formerly in charge of the IRS division that processes applications for tax-exempt status.

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  • raypc800

    Just another example of the hate for the USA that the GOP displays openly daily. Let the tax cheaters of America rejoice that their servants the GOP have given them a very valuable gift. The privilege of helping to destroy the USA.

  • shsinger

    What, you mean the deadbeat rich aren’t already raping the country? Never in the eyes of Republicans. Give the rich more money so they can maintain their ownership of the Republican Party!!!

  • Jimbo2K7

    The GOP Government Corruption Protection Act of 2014

  • Elgolfo

    When the dems start allowing those committing benefits fraud to be investigated, taxpayers may be willing to pay taxes again.