Anti-choice activists descended on a meeting of the Huntsville zoning adjustment board this Tuesday to demand they block the Alabama Women’s Wellness Center (AWWC) from relocating to Sparkman Drive. The new location complies with the state’s new Targeted Regulation against Abortion Providers (TRAP) law.

Mirroring the constant defamation and slander we’ve observed from right wing activists before, opponents of reproductive freedom complained that the location was too close to a school, that providers were “targeting” minority women, and that the plain language of the city’s zoning ordinance for medical clinics somehow did not include abortion providers.

James Henderson, president of the Alabama Christian Coalition, had to be warned several times to stay on topic while he spoke. Claiming that his group’s disruptive protests were a good enough reason to block the relocation, Henderson did not admit his real worry: that the new building’s layout will prevent them from being able to confront patients arriving here the way they did at the previous one.

By a 3-2 vote, the zoning board decided that they lacked the power to disinclude reproductive healthcare clinics from the English language definition of a ‘medical facility.’ Reproductive rights advocates cheered the decision, which they say will ensure the health of women in the Huntsville area.

Henderson says his group will appeal.

Video from WAFF-48


  • Gwenny

    if it was too close to a school then I could see why they would protest…not the most appropriate placement

    • Let me get this straight. The Supreme Court has abolished buffer zones to keep these creepy people like James Henderson away from the clinics, but you’re here to enforce an unofficial buffer zone around schools where women can’t use their reproductive freedoms as defined by the Supreme Court?

      Because that is the exact definition of a double-standard.

  • Ratcraft

    Anti-choice? A choice is what kind of pizza to get.

    • ghhshirley

      I prefer to call them Forced-Birthers.

    • “A choice” is what Americans expect when they have an issue in their lives. Try taking away a constitutionally-guaranteed CHOICE like, say, what kind of GUN to buy, and what happens?

  • Evita Ercnu

    Henderson says his group will appeal.
    Henderson says his group will appeal the ruling. On what grounds?

    He does not live in Huntsville. He lives in Decatur.

    His Pro-Bono lawyer isn’t even licensed to practice law in this state.