Surveillance video of an attack on a Georgia courthouse last June that resulted in one police officer wounded and the suspect’s death has been released by the Forsyth County Sheriff’s Office.

According to the Forsyth Herald, 48-year-old Dennis Ronald Marx drove up the courthouse steps June 6th, at 10 AM, and began a carefully planned attack.

He drove through the sidewalk into the steps of the courthouse, equipped with an AR-15 rifle. The footage shows the brave actions of Deputy Daniel Rush, who ran under trees along the courthouse steps and engaged, until Marx took him down with a gunshot, wounding him in the leg. Rush also suffered a broken fibula and tibia. Marx is captured on film hurling tear gas canisters along with orange canisters of smoke before he is gunned down by deputies.

When deputies searched his SUV, they found had plastic handcuffs and survival supplies such as water bottles. He also had at least two handguns with him.

“He came in there with the purpose of occupying the courthouse,” Sheriff Duane Piper told the Forsyth Herald in June. “It was a full-frontal assault.”

Marx, who identified himself as a ‘sovereign citizen,’ wore a gas mask and tactical armor as he laid down spike strips, threw tear gas canisters and smoke grenades, and fired at police with an AR-15 rifle.