In the wake of the Frontier Airlines flight that carried Amber Vinson to Cleveland and back to Dallas Texas, two children who were passengers on that flight and who terminated their flight in Belton Texas ended up going back to school for two days after being notified that they were on the list of people who had potentially come into contact with Amber Vinson. Last night however, parents were deeply concerned with the potential safety of their children who had potentially been exposed to the deadly Ebola virus via the two children who traveled on the Frontier flight. After a tense meeting with parents in Belton Texas last night, the Belton Independent School district told parents at first that the schools would be opened for classes today with the two children allowed to attend classes. Then less than an hour after that meeting the school district told parents that the two children would not be attending the classes, but instead were told to stay home, but classes would remain open. Then around midnight last night parents were sent an emergency message that told them that not only would the children not be attending classes, but that the schools would be shut down for decontamination.

Belton Texas ISD Letter Informing Parents that all schools will be shut down for decontamination .

Three schools in Belton Texas will be shut down today. The affected schools are North Belton Middle School, Sparta Elementary, and Belton Early Childhood School. Parents at this point are not only upset at how the school initially reacted, but are in fact near panic stages over their children already being potentially exposed to the two students who attended classes without being told by anyone at the CDC to stay at home, or even to check with the CDC on what precautions they should take once they arrived back home. So without knowing what they were supposed to do, they attended classes normally and went about their daily routines. Now it appears that the CDC is taking it more seriously, and the schools affected are taking it more seriously. Concerned parents are still unsure what the future holds for their children, as well as grocery stores, gas stations and other businesses in the small community of Belton. At this point no one in the community is sure what is going on or what will go on as the days progress.

We will update as reports come in.

  • Pedro

    Maybe if we had some idea that this might happen and had done something about it! Oops . . . If you like your Ebola, You can keep it!

    • Pedro’s Nemisis

      Very true, it isn’t like there were not warnings ahead of it. Very sloppy work on behalf of the CDC. Is it too little too late? One wonders.

  • Wilhelmina

    Two comments…

    First, where’s our governor, who’s so loved and revered by so many, and what is his response?

    Second, maybe the CDC should be working on a solution, instead of mounting a public relations campaign to stamp out the hysteria. The public wouldn’t feel hysterical if there wasn’t a problem. We need actions not sound bites!

    • Rick Perry Absentee Gov

      Rick Perry was on a fundraising venture in the EU. He just decided yesterday evening to head back to Texas today. Of course he was the one who decided that he didn’t want to federal government messing around in Texas, so now he asks the federal government for help. Flip Flop.

  • Briar

    I thought I heard on the news this morning that they also closed a few schools in Ohio because of the nurse who traveled there. This ebola thing is a huge mess and the CDC needs to step up their game today!

    • LittleButterfly

      I agree. This whole thing was mishandled from the very beginning, and the CDC is directly to blame. Maybe they will be more forthcoming with information from now on. We should have been told the truth about our ability to deal with this Ebola crisis. We were not nearly as prepared as we were led to believe.