Confrontation has simmered outside women’s clinics for years. Far from the prayerful image that forced-birth advocates try to project, many forced-birth protesters are not gentle lambs looking for a conversation, but creepy control-freaks who enjoy damning and shaming women. Being confronted by the worst ravings of forced-birth activists can be an upsetting experience, especially for women who seek birth control or prenatal care rather than abortion, or crime victims who are doubly-traumatized when self-righteous strangers angrily demand they gestate their rapists’ offspring.

And ever since a naive Supreme Court struck down the ‘buffer zone’ that Massachusetts had put between protesters and facilities for everyone’s safety, these confrontations have only gotten more heated — and dangerous.

One clinic employee or volunteer visitor apparently got fed up by such activities recently and decided to confront the worst actor outside with a few sprays of water. But she is actually just returning fire: forced-birthers have sprayed ‘holy water’ on clinic escorts for years, often on the flimsiest of excuses. While making deft use of his sign to block the water, the man behind the camera keeps up his pathetic rant, accusing the black woman with the water gun of being “the real racist” because she helps other black women control their own bodies instead of telling them, as he does, that they are slaves to sperm.

Although the date and location of the video are unknown, I have contacted the account holder and will update this post if I learn more.

UPDATE: According to a source close to the Women’s Choice Clinic in Raleigh, North Carolina, the woman in the video is an unknown visitor who accompanied a friend in her time of need and became incensed by what the forced-birth activists were shouting at them. The man being sprayed is Matt Tringali, one of the forced-birthers who picket the clinic six days a week. Tringali’s videos mysteriously disappeared two weeks ago, but then another YouTube account holder re-uploaded this one.

Tringali is not just your run-of-the-mill activist. He works for Abolish Human Abortion (AHA), an absolutist forced-birth organization that makes no exceptions for the life or health of mothers. AHA has become controversial by trying to shame churches into supporting their agenda.

Clinic escorts refer to Tringali and his friends as a “terrorist group” because of their tactics. They threaten to harm volunteers’ jobs by picketing their workplaces, and because North Carolina law requires a “pattern” of threats from a single individual as threshold for a crime, they take turns making this same threat all week.

After all the appointments have entered the building every day, Tringali eats a snack and waits until they start coming out, at which point he enjoys shouting: “Congratulations, now you are the mother of a dead baby.”

As you can see by the way Tringali’s friend Ray stands on clinic property in the video, the forced-birth activists outside the Raleigh clinic have no respect for any law but their own. They say they are following a god’s laws, but that’s just a convenient rationalization for the kick they get out of bullying women.