With one week six five four three two days one day hours remaining until polls close, Republican candidates are even more out of touch than they were in 2010. Republican governors are doing their best to save the Democratic US Senate with failed policies and extreme agendas, but the GOP hopes that voter ID laws, gerrymandering, low turnout, and a compliant media environment will help rescue their decades-old dream of permanent power in Washington.

This blog post will be updated over the next week in an effort to boost awareness of Republican methods for taking power — and their intended uses of what power they can win, seize, or steal. If you have anything to add to this list, please feel free to comment below with a link.

Update 4 November:

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  • Bendal

    The voter ID thing because it doesn’t make sense to me. In my state, voter registration is handled through the DMV and then showing a license or a state ID card when voting is all that’s required. If you don’t have photo identification issued by the state (which is a law regardless of wanting to vote or not) then you don’t get to vote. Why does there have to be a separate ID for voting?

    • Because it’s another barrier that can prevent a few more of the “wrong” people from voting.

  • Broward Again?

    Florida machine voting goes dark in Broward county

  • Cuanta

    I think that between Citizens United, these voter laws, gerrymandering, money in politics, a compliant media and the information-business-industrial complex, our democracy is in deep trouble.

  • Philli

    No wonder why the Republicans took over everything. There is obviously a centralized power in this country and it’s taking over right before our eyes.