National Security Editor Dr. Sebastian Gorka was arrested trying to board a flight at Reagan National Airport with a 9mm handgun in his carry-on bag. According to the Washington Post, Transportation Security Agency personnel spotted the firearm as it passed through a security checkpoint x-ray machine and summoned airport police, who apprehended Gorka without incident.

Gorka’s voice can be heard on an audio recording of ‘Groundswell,’ the highly-connected right wing lobbying group which contrived the IRS ‘targeting scandal’ as well as the Benghazi Select Committee, as they met in 2013 to discuss those projects at the Washington, DC headquarters of Judicial Watch. A professor at the Marine Corps University, he is also a frequent lecturer at West Point and a regular Fox News guest. As you might expect, Gorka is prone to spouting alarmist and reactionary talking points, especially on issues of terrorism. In fact, you might say that he’s one of the foremost figures demanding to make the ‘clash of civilizations’ official:

At the moment, it’s not clear what possessed Gorka to pack a handgun in his carry-on. Did he suppose that his PhD and blustery opinions would somehow serve as a special license to break the law? Does he secretly fantasize about being a hero during an airplane hijacking? Was he trying to demonstrate how ineffective he thinks the TSA is so that he could concern-troll them on a future Fox News interview? Or is he just stupid?

Rest assured that BU will stay on top of this story.

UPDATE: Dr. Gorka has belatedly responded to my original tweet on this story.