The mystery surrounding Aaron Walker’s wife of 12 years goes all the way to her name. It is not uncommon for women to retain their family names when they marry. But how many names does this woman have?

According to, her name was Mary Catherine DU Bravo. That’s not a typo.


In her affidavit supporting her husband’s lawsuit of Brett Kimberlin, she is Mary Bravo.


At a recent “Blog Bash” (a wingding for Alt-Right bloggers thrown by the National Bloggers’ Club during the Conservative Political Action Convention [CPAC]) she identified herself as “Karen Walker.”


With all this fog surrounding this woman, who lost her job at a Virginia home health care company when her husband was fired for bollocking-up the company legal files as a compliance attorney at the same company while engaging in “lawfare” against Kimberlin and inflaming the passions of Islamic extremists with his “Everybody Draw Mohammed Day” blog, there is one thing that is crystal clear.

Aaron Walker has weaponized her. But he doesn’t want her name to be made public.

Consider the legal documents posted online by Walker’s “paralegal” and Alt Right crony, WJJ Hoge III of Westminster, MD.

When Hoge posted Kimberlin’s pretrial statement on his blog on September 8, it looked like this:


The first name of Brett Kimberlin’s daughter was redacted as she is a minor. But who is that below Ms, Kimberlin?


No explanation was given for redacting the name of Walker’s wife. The same thing happened when Hoge posted a copy of Kimberlin’s motion to depose Walker’s wife.


The blog “” published the motion without the redactions on September 4.


This led Hoge to have, as it is referred to by mental health professionals, a full-blown hissy fit.

One more thing … the Cabin Boy™ takes a swing at describing how a journalist would handle publication of the Kimberlins’ motion for a subpoena directed to Aaron Walker’s wife. It’s a swing and a miss. A responsible journalist will redact unnecessary personal identifying information about a victim of stalking and harassment. He also will not gratuitously publish defamatory lies. I described the contents of the the Kimberlins’ allegation in paragraph 3 of their motion as false, and I did so as an eyewitness to the conversation upon which it is based.

HOGEWASH — September 5, 2016

Note the contradictions: Claiming that you are a victim of stalking and harassment and being a victim are not the same thing. Being a victim requires the ruling of a court of law. Is Hoge stating that he knows for a fact that Mrs. Walker, Bravo, DU Bravo did NOT have this conversation with Mrs. Kimberlin. He claims he was an eyewitness to the conversation. You or I could make the same claim and without proof it would have just as much evidentiary value. Zilch.

Hoge whined about this on his blog for days.

Any decent person who reads the unredacted version of the that motion will see that it contains an allegation against Mrs. Walker that is impertinent, immaterial, and scandalous. (And as an eyewitness to the conversation upon which it is based, I’ll add that it’s a lie.) It is inconceivable (and that word means what I think it means) that there could be any other motivation for publishing that lie other than to cause harm and discomfort to Mrs. Walker.

Of course, the Cabin Boy™ is not known for his compassion toward juveniles or victims of sex crimes. He is currently subject to a restraining order that protects a three-year-old child. The article published by Breitbart Unmasked when he was editor alleging that Tetyana Kimberlin was mentally ill when she accused Brett Kimberlin of what would commonly be called statutory rape certainly showed no compassion for her as the victim of a sex crime. Breitbart Unmasked Bunny Boy Unread has taken that post down, but it has been preserved in multiple locations on the Internet.

HOGEWASH — September 6, 2016

Again, Hoge adjudicates the statement made in Kimberlin’s motion without benefit of a trial. It is false because Hoge says it’s fault and that’s all anyone needs to know about it. Hoge will decide what is relevant or irrelevant, what is true or false.

But who threw Mary Karen Catherine Walker DU Bravo into the line of fire in the first place? Why is she not still at home, checking her hubby’s car for bombs and instead being asked to give a deposition at the end of this month?

She made herself a topic of controversy by claiming that Brett Kimberlin stalked and harassed her.

From her affidavit:

screen-shot-2016-09-12-at-3-08-21-pm screen-shot-2016-09-12-at-3-08-41-pm

If a person makes an allegation that another person has stalked and harassed her, then she has to expect that the alleged stalker — seeing that her husband is using her allegations as part of his lawsuit against him — is going to defend himself. Part of that defense includes examining the credibility of Aaron Walker’s wife.

Kimberlin does that in a motion that showed up on the Maryland Case Search website today.


Kimberlin claims that the information he received from an unnamed informant outlining Mrs. DU Bravo’s mistreatment at the hands of Muslim Militants in the Far East was shared with Walker during the deposition process. The knowledge that this information is “out there” may be what has led to the Walker/Hoge nervousness and redactions regarding Walker’s wife.

Indeed, Walker has been dogged in his pursuit of Kimberlin since Dead Andy Breitbart issued his fatwa against the felon-turned-activist.


By his own admission. Aaron Walker makes his beleaguered bride check his car for hidden bombs before he ventures behind the wheel. He’s apparently not all that concerned that she might be blown to bits by tripping off the fuse of such a device.

Therefore, one is left to wonder what concerns Walker more:

Shielding his wife from what are, on their face, some pretty extreme stories about her life in the Philippines?

Or saving his own reputation — such as it is — from being known as someone who weaponized the woman he claims to love, turning her into a harpoon to be launched at “Moby” Kimberlin in what will likely be an ill-fated effort by Aaron “Ahab” Walker to avenge the wrongs done — real or imaginary — by his arch nemesis?

Walker seemingly has no qualms about trying to destroy Kimberlin’s family. Will his wife and associates be consigned to Davy Jones’ Locker as his doomed “Pequod” swirls and sinks in the whirlpool of misguided hatred created and maintained by Walker, Hoge and their Alt Right acolytes?