Is Donald Trump a cocaine addict or just an occasional user? These are questions that need to be answered before the November elections. There is nothing I know of in the Constitution that disqualifies a drug addict from being president of the United States as long as he has a natural born citizen and is 35 years or older. The Constitution was written in much simpler times. The Founders never contemplated the President of the United States having the immense power to start a nuclear war that could lead to the extermination of humanity.

Is this the kind of power we want to entrust to a coke head?

I’m not saying Donald Trump is a cocaine abuse or that he has a several thousand dollar per day cocaine habit. But in less he releases a clean urine test result, how can we know for sure?

Recognizing the symptoms and warning signs of cocaine abuse

Whenever a person is abusing cocaine and has a dependency on the drug, there are several symptoms and warning signs to be aware of. If the person does not quit once they first start using, a tolerance can build up quickly and dependency will eventually follow. Whether it is you or a loved one that you are concerned with, the following are the most common symptoms and warning signs of cocaine abuse and dependency.

Behavioral signs – noticeable changes in behavior become apparent when a person is abusing cocaine or has a dependency on it. Certain behaviors may include being overly talkative, exhibiting extreme paranoia, having erratic mood swings and rapid changes in demeanor, and suffering with panic attacks.

  1. OVERLY TALKATIVE: When he’s not on the teleprompter, Donald Trump goes on and on and on, interrupting his own train of thought, diverging off into tangents and seldom returning to the topic he veered away from.
  2. EXTREME PARANOIA: For over five years the voices in Donald trumps had told him the president of the United States is an illegal alien. The most recent manifestation of his paranoia, the belief that “somebody” sabotaged his microphone at the recent presidential debate.
  3. ERRATIC NERVE SWINGS AND RAPID CHANGES IN DEMEANOR: How many times have you heard the television pundits say, “You never know which Donald Trump is going to show up, the calm, reserved Donald Trump or the wild, irrational, wild-eyed, arm-falling, spittle flaying Donald Trump?”

Money – as with other powerfully addictive drugs, cocaine addiction can become extremely expensive. Individuals with a severe dependency rarely have any extra cash because they are spending the majority of it on cocaine. Withdrawals from their bank account increase in amounts and the person will make excuses for what is happening to the money, most of which won’t make any sense.

Might this explain Trump’s reluctance to release his tax returns? Is this why he has a reputation of not paying people for jobs they did for him? Is it the coke talking when he says he can’t release his tax returns as he is under audit?

Physical signs – the most common signs and symptoms to look for include constant sniffing, dilated pupils, a lack of appetite…

Despite looking like the Pillsbury Doughboy dipped in Cheetos dust, have you ever actually seen Trump eat? I mean other than in the occasional photo op where he uses a knife and a fork to eat a slice of pizza or when he celebrates Cinco de Mayo by smiling at a taco bowl, or when he demonstrates his commonality with the regular folks by having a single chicken wing on his classy China’s set, looking like he’s going to dig into that wing with silverware that probably costs more than your car?

And what’s the deal with the sniffing the snorting the touching of his nose, the grimacing, the interjection of one or two word exclamations to interrupt Secretary Clinton as she spoke?

None of these things prove that Donald Trump is a slave to the nose candy, But how can we sure unless Donald Trump submits — immediately — to a urine test to check for the presence of cocaine in his system?

It’s not like anyone is asking him to dig out a birth certificate or anything like that.