I was intrigued by Ali A. Akbar’s explanation about his criminal past. He made a statement regarding this criminal past after BU had exposed it to the public. In short it read that during a small portion of time in his life he made a mistake and that mistake was documented in his post below:

Of course as one can now see this is pure fabrication. There was more than one event, more than just one crime, and the initial crime being that he stole the following:

Five MP3 Players, Twenty CD’s, Three Camcorders, Two DVD Players, One Back Massager (How ghetto is this thief?) One Clock, Four Shirts, Two Belts (WTF?) and a Piece of Luggage, which had the value of over 1500.00 USD but less than 20,000.00 USD. This theft was obtained pursuant to one scheme or a continuing course of criminal conduct which began on or about November 1st 2006, and continued until on or about November 29th 2006. In other words, he was stealing from this person more than once, and over a course of time that lasted almost a full month before it came to an end. Then, not a few days after he was released from custody he ended up with another case of criminal credit card fraud, to wit:


This new case happened shortly after his release from jail on the months long theft spree. Note, that this conduct does not say anywhere that he was out riding with a friend, and that some friend tried to withdraw funds but no funds were withdrawn. In fact, the FACTS of the case are that Ali Akbar, with the intent to FRAUDULENTLY obtain a benefit, did present or use a debit card, to wit: A Wells Fargo Debit Card with the knowledge that said card had NOT been issued to him, and with the knowledge that said card was NOT used with the consent of the owner/cardholder. That means that the above statement of facts that Ali Akbar made on Facebook to explain his conduct to conservatives and funding sources, as well as his own National Bloggers Club membership, was an outright LIE, and not only that, fraud.

So it appears that 400.00 dollars was withdrawn from this debit card as noted by the fine of 400.00 USD. There was no friend who used a card, and then that “no funds were withdrawn” as Ali Akbar claimed. In fact, it appears that Mr. Akbar used this credit/debit card himself and withdrew 400.00 USD from the ATM machine, else why the 400.00 USD fine? The end result was 4 years of probation which Ali Akbar was just released from this past May 2012:

Ali A. Akbar is still lying to the public about his criminal past. Not only that, he is still lying to donors, benefactors, funding sources, conservatives, and everyone else in between. As far as the first criminal charge, it seems that Mr. Akbar had a penchant for stealing from other people, and willfully stole money and or property from them over a long period of time. Then when confronted recently about this past, he blatantly lied about it to everyone else, claiming that it was one small event that was over and done with quickly: when in fact it was a series of events that just now ended this past May 2012 with his 4 year probation being completed.

What will the right wing nut jobs say now? Will they still back him up even though he has been proven to be a serial liar? Will funding sources and donors still give him money even though he is still lying and covering up his criminal past? Can anyone believe him when he talks about the issues? Will the National Bloggers Club decide they can’t have him on board?

More to come in this developing story…

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  1. You should link to Michelle Malkin’s day of silence blog entry (http://michellemalkin.com/2012/06/08/going-dark-to-urge-congressional-action-who-will-protect-the-freedom-to-blog/) so that this entry appears on Memeorandum. They won’t tell their followers that the guy is a crook. I had no idea this guy was a crook because they did not post any of this on their blogs. People donating have a right to know who has their credit card info. I thought this site was a smear job at first. Sorry I was an ass. I actually gave money to these dimtwats. Yeah. I fly stupid. Thanks for letting me know. No point in calling my credit card people though. I only gave five bucks. I am pissed though. I am pissed that Ms. Malkin and the others are not being honest with people.

  2. This Ali Akbar fellow may be a habitual criminal. We’ll have to wait to see what the situation is with the IRS Form 990, which has presumably been requested, but on the whole it just doesn’t look good.

    Does everyone recall Mark Meckler, the Herbalife grifter? He’s now the head of Tea Party Patriots, who went around and shook down all the local groups for their mailing list as he ran a political pyramid scam. There have been lawsuits – notably cryptozoologist (read: bigfoot hunter) Rob Gaudet, who built their web site, but wasn’t paid. It appears that Meckler, and his partner, Jenny Beth Martin, are the only ones that benefit from the reputed $50,000 a month or more they take from the marks. Martin uses her share to pay down the nearly $500k in IRS debt she had after their employment agency went bankrupt (from memory, Google and check).

    One would think the Tea Party faithful would grow weary of the grifters that slipped in after the Koch Brothers realized they’d lost control of their sock puppet, but their low information status apparently extends beyond just political matters.

  3. Alls I can say is drip, drip. Can’t wait till your next installment — you are slaying these guys. This is the best site on the Internet now for slaying the right wing paper dragons. It’s like you have a dossier on everyone of them. Their investigation is going to bite them in the ass because it will demonstrate, once and for all, that they are full of shit. Oh, but the right won’t care or apologize. I hope Kimberlin sues all of them.

  4. Nice to see meta on here. 🙂

    I really can’t wait until we discover the real scandal — it’s difficult to imagine how sick and twisted this goes. I mean, seriously, one blog post would be ENOUGH for me to steer clear of handing over my details.

    An internet predator, an identity fraud/burglar who trolls for sex on cell phone apps, and Michelle Malkin walk in to the bar.

    Punch line?

  5. I really like this post and thank you for clearing things up for me. But I am reminded of another post I read today which was also credible yet, again, ended with a slight jab to the values I hold. In that case it was a slam against God. In this case it is “right wing nut jobs.” Seriously? Please, for the love of all we hold dear, can we all have intelligent adult conversations and leave the insults to the privacy of our own homes? We all have definite opinions: right wing nut job, leftist wackos, etc. But name calling only denigrates the conversation and the bottom line is (at least I hope) is the betterment of the United States and all of us who live here. Okay, lecture over. ;D Otherwise, again thank you for an insightful post.

  6. Even if we don’t share the same views, I gotta agree with you that the NBC and it’s head Ali Ackbar are shady at best. There is such a thing as being an HONEST ex-con, and my friend Paul Lemmen is one of them. I like to believe that I am one too. Even if we are conservatives and ”right wing nut jobs”, we don’t take lightly to the fact that NBC and Ackbar is apparently defrauding honest, hard working citizens of their money and info.

    The Kimberlin case is a difficult one for us, because we all agree that he was released WAYYYY too soon from jail considering the convictions against him. We also have a problem that this TERRORIST is funded by notorious lefties, and roams the net threatening conservative bloggers. 1st amendment rights are for ALL LEGAL CITIZENS, and if we feel justice has not been served in this particular case, we have a right to write about it and debate about it. We may be wrong, we may be right, but we CAN and WILL continue to write about it.

    I may not agree with your political stance, BU crew, but if you keep it clean, I will fight to the death for your right to express your views. This is what this continent is about; FREEDOM OF SPEECH, and it applies to all, right center or left!

    The Impolite Canadian

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