Austin Ruse, the president of the ultra right wing Catholic organization C-FAM who was recently fired from the Sandy Rios show after saying that liberal professors should be taken out and shot, has been welcomed back to Breitbart News. He published a column at the site celebrating the success of anti-abortion “regulations” late yesterday, eleven days after his dismissal from the American Family Association’s infamous talk radio network.

As we explained last week, Breitbart News seems to tolerate widespread plagiarism by its writers. The reappearance of Ruse means that eliminationism and violent, offensive language are now also officially acceptable at Breitbart. As Media Matters reports,

Given the AFA’s own record of extremism, its decision to cut ties with Ruse demonstrates that even hate groups have a limit for how much toxic rhetoric they’re willing to tolerate. It’s a limit that apparently doesn’t exist at Breitbart.

There is in fact one sure way to get fired from the website bearing Saint Andrew’s name: by writing articles that expose the grassroots hucksterism of wealthy tea party organizers, as Lee Stranahan recently did.

Honesty and integrity can thus be firing offenses at Breitbart News, but as long as writers toe the party line and refrain from embarrassing powerful conservatives they are free to post any screed they like, even if they steal it from someone else.

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