As you can see in the above photo, forced-birth activists in Huntsville, Alabama will have a new challenge in their bid for free parking at the former campus of Ed White Middle School, which is currently closed to be refurbished as a ‘magnet school.’

For months now, opponents of reproductive freedom have protested at the new location of the Alabama Women’s Center for Reproductive Alternatives (AWCRA) across Sparkman Drive from the campus by walking or standing on the sidewalk with cameras, signs, and a bullhorn. They hate this new location because they can’t legally get between the patients and the front doors.

But their biggest problem was parking. Local businesses do not like it when their parking spaces are filled up by non-customers, whereas the city didn’t want the liability of protesters using their lot. First, Huntsville tried erecting an orange plastic net, but then clinic volunteers noticed the forced-birth activists moving it aside to use the lot on weekends.

Up next: forced birth activists will demand free parking in SCOTUS
“Hmm, what is this mysterious thing in our way? Surely it’s not meant to keep us out of here!”

Will a locked metal gate hold out against people this convinced of their own self-righteousness? Maybe not. In his ongoing efforts to shut the clinic down any way he can, Alabama Christian Coalition Executive Director James Henderson has already made his group’s neighborhood disruptions the primary justification to deny AWCRA a zoning variance. Now, he’s asking the state legislature to enact a retroactive ‘buffer zone’ between the clinic and the school, and he’s once again presenting his own group’s activities as the best reason to do so. It’s not hard to see his sycophants cutting off a lock to prove their ‘point.’

We will keep an eye on this story for you.

8 thoughts on “New Gates Keep Forced-Birth Activists Off Huntsville, AL School Campus”
  1. Henderson’s also making the incredible and disgusting leap of comparing women accessing abortion to sex offenders.

    1. Yup! That’s because he doesn’t care about the lives of pregnant women. His only concern is satisfying his own weird compulsion to control the lives of other people. He’ll gladly let molar and ectopic pregnancies kill a million women just to say “look at me, aren’t I such an awesome Christian?”

      1. Ectopic pregnancies aren’t handled by abortion, OsborneInk, so that’s not a valid argument here. I do agree with you, however. People like this rarely concern themselves with what happens to the woman or the child once it’s born.

        1. I think people tend to confuse the two because of tubal abortions and the lack of reading up on either of the two leads to more people giving more misinformation.

  2. “Now, he’s asking the state legislature to enact a retroactive ‘buffer zone’ between the clinic and the school, and he’s once again presenting his own group’s activities as the best reason to do so.”

    Chutzpah, classically defined.

  3. Start hitting them up with trespassing fines, and if those are ignored, arrest them. I believe people have a right to protest, but they do not have a right to impede other people from going about their own private business.

  4. These people are moving a net intended to prevent them from parking. Why not hit them where it hurts and start ticketing the crap out of those cars? Better yet, have them towed.

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