For those of you that are either new to Andrew Breitbart, or hazy about recalling what he stood for, or even what he said at any given moment, this post is for you. The video below will show you what he was thinking about when it came to liberals in his last days. Breitbart wanted to fire the first shot at them. In fact he wanted a shooting war with them. He claimed that he had guys in the military that supported him, and that he wanted the death and carnage to be brought on. In Andrew Breitbart’s words, he said “Bring It On.”

You can think what you will of his statements, but for those that knew him or those that wish to only recall the gentler days of Breitbart when he was alive, these sobering words about how he felt about Liberals at the end, and what he wanted to do to them, should give anyone pause as to what he really wanted and what he really stood for. Charles Johnson tweeted out a few minutes ago that people should try to expose Andrew Breitbart for what he was. So, after I read that the first thing that came to mind was this video.