We have not written much lately about Brett Kimberlin’s lawsuits against the right wing bloggers who conspired to defame him. Frankly, the story has become less interesting to us as well as our readership. So while we occasionally remark on major events in the story, we no longer engage in a day-to-day, tit-for-tat war of opposing blog posts as we once did. But we are making an exception today because William Hoge, the Christian sadist who has filed hundreds of criminal charges against a former BU writer for the “crime” of tweeting at him, was called to the witness stand yesterday during a hearing in Kimberlin’s state case — and then proceeded to write about the event in his usual mendacious style.

Attorney Francis Ostronic tried to argue that the court had no personal jurisdiction over defendant Ali Akbar, so Kimberlin called Hoge to the stand and smashed this defense into little pieces. Hoge never mentions that the judge ruled against Ostronic, or that other attorneys present in the court were congratulating Kimberlin afterwards. Instead, Hoge would like us all to remember that Kimberlin was convicted of something forty years ago, which of course is supposed to mean something about the present day.

Aside: On cross examination, my lawyer asked why our defense fund was named Bomber Sues Bloggers. TDPK immediately objected, and the vehemence of his objection made my lawyer’s point better than my answer might have.

Kimberlin’s objection was sustained, but Hoge sees no reason to mention that fact, either, because in his telling every single hearing is a famous victory no matter how badly it goes for his side. Ostronic’s question was merely another attempt to prejudice the court by introducing the same historical smears. So far, every defendant in Kimberlin’s suits has tried the same strategy. It has never worked, but this does not stop them all from trying it over and over again. If the definition of insanity is to continuously repeat the same action expecting a different result, then Kimberlin is suing a pack of lunatics.

Not content with his incomplete reporting on the hearing, Hoge wrote a second post that denounced Kimberlin as a “vexatious anti-First-Amendment litigant.” That statement is rich with irony: not only has Hoge filed hundreds of criminal charges against a disabled man for tweeting, he launched frivolous lawsuits against Kimberlin long before he was ever sued in turn. Furthermore, Kimberlin still did not sue Hoge or his fellow defendants until after they tried to suborn perjury from his estranged wife, publishing it in their blogs. Those actions resulted in Kimberlin’s teenage daughter being forced to withdraw from school due to bullying by classmates, but of course Hoge feels no responsibility for his participation in an unethical smear campaign. He is far too self-righteous for that kind of introspection.

  • The bad times are just beginning. Robin W. Causey, aka @embryriddlealum, just f*cked up and told a big, bad perjury. http://patriot-ombudsman.com/robin-wesley-causey-just-committed-perjury/

    • Give ’em hell, Bill.

      • I can’t do it myself. This won’t be as easy as having brain surgery. I need to start a movement here, to force law enforcement to sit up and take notice of all the people across the country who have facing unfair DMCA takedowns and can’t afford lawyers to sue.

        • How common is this situation?

          • Very. There are websites devoted to people who have had false DMCA claims filed against them. Unfortunately, they are all by lawyers looking for business. I say, why do I need to hire a lawyer when a law has been broken and law enforcement has a duty to enforce the lae?

        • TheBobber

          the only movement Bill is involved in is the one he drops in to he Depends every morning.

    • TheBobber

      G’luck brother Bill… i look forward to hearing about your win on twitter…oh..wait…nevermind

  • I am going to make this my last stand. All across the nation, people are complaining about the law not taking false DMCA takedowns seriously. They expect us all to get lawyers and sue. Well, f*ck that. All DMCA takedowns are filed under penalty of perjury. I am going to put Causey in jail, or die in the attempt. It’s time to force law enforcement to take this shit seriously. You can not claim that you own something you don’t own. Then, we’ll move on to “Paul Krendler” and Hoge, double-check Hoge’s “purchase” of the “world book and e-book rights” to that blog entry. Now if anyone wants to help, let me know. But I am going to fight these sonsabitches, and if I die in the attempt, so be it. I see this in the same light as I saw going under the knife for deep brain surgery.

  • If I may add one more note. I have filed the proper DMCA counterclaim today. Under US Copyright Law, Hoge and Causey have until May 29 to prove they have filed lawsuits against me in the US District Court for the District of Maryland, or the books go back online. I have asked the State’s Attorney about the survivability of any perjury charges I would bring against Hoge or Causey, but they must have a picnic or something today. However, CreateSpace and Amazon DO have an interest in suing Hoge and Causey if their claims prove bogus.

    To celebrate, Hoge and Causey have taken down my Twitter and Facebook accounts. Because they love free speech.

    • theBobber

      Or maybe because you have been banned for harassment, multiple times by twitter and facebook, and they don’t want scum like you on them? Bye Brother Bill