More than a year has passed since we reported that Maryland Judge Zuberi B. Williams had decided against holding William Hoge accountable under ‘Grace’s Law,’ a statute intended to protect children from online harassment. But we also reported that Judge Williams emphatically questioned Hoge’s credibility during the hearing, a charge that Hoge and other parties have strenuously denied.

Embedded above is newly-obtained audio of that hearing which reinforces our reporting — and snuffs out any hope for further denials. This episode happened almost exactly as we reported it, and it’s time Hoge stopped pretending otherwise.

As we told you last March, Hoge’s years-long campaign against the Kimberlin family was very nearly brought to an end when the older daughter requested the protection of Maryland courts.

Apparently referring to Maryland’s harassment law rather than Grace’s Law, Judge Williams found that Hoge’s pattern of conduct had not continued during the thirty days previous to the trial, declining to issue a protective order.

But first, Hoge’s nemesis seemed to land a hard blow against his credibility during cross-examination. That portion of the testimony is included at the beginning of the audio clip.

At issue was Hoge’s denial that he had commented on a website article in 2013. Focused on the teenage Kimberlin daughter’s budding musical career, the article got negative attention from Hoge and other right wing bloggers. They directed readers to make negative comments about her father at the Gazette website, which made their fabrications and smears about the Kimberlin family visible to her peers at school for the first time.

On the witness stand last March, Hoge tried hard to disown the incident, but was forced to acknowledge a tweet in which he linked to the Gazette article, saying: “I commented, why don’t you?”

As he began his closing argument, attorney F. Patrick Ostronic barely got a word out before Judge Williams pressed the point hard.

“If I believe that he wasn’t truthful in that, commenting about her, why should I believe anything else that he said about not commenting, or trying to follow and contact her?” Williams asked Ostronic.

Perhaps a bit overwhelmed, Hoge’s counsel fell back on the usual cliches about his sterling citizenship. But the judge was having none of it.

“Why should I believe your client about the other things? I mean he took the stand and testified. Why should I believe anything he says?”

Of course, for the right wing clique obsessed with Brett Kimberlin and devoted to destroying his life, the obvious answer is that Judge Williams shouldn’t believe anything Brett Kimberlin says, even when it comes out of William Hoge’s mouth.

  • William A. Ferguson


    • Global Seismographic Network detects possible multi-megaton detonation…developing…

  • Hoge Is A Piece Of Shit Liar

    OMG!!!!! You mean Hoge is a fucking lying piece of filthy garbage on the road to damnation? I thought that audio was amazing. Here was Ostronic claiming: your Honor, my client is a happily married man as if to EXPLAIN his fucking lies!! The Judge wasn’t buying it.. Ostronic was fumbling around trying to find a response and couldn’t. What a piece of shit Hoge is!!!

  • Purloined Parodies

    I sense a great amount of “homina homina homina” in the force. T’would seem the Grand Hog of Westminster has been pierced and placed on the rotisserie, his juices allowed to drip into the fire filling the air with the heavenly smell of roasted pork.

  • Purloined Parodies

    Someone please correct me if I’m wrong. But this sounds like a typical Hoge/Walker word game. I, for one, do not recall word for word Hoge’s comment about KK. But if I know my Walker/Hoge bullshit, I think that when he says “I did not comment on the article,” he is saying, “I did not comment about the article itself,” NOT that he didn’t place a comment about KK and/or BK into the comment section of the article. If my reasoning is correct, that would explain his trying to mince words by saying “I did not comment ON THE ARTICLE,” without saying “I did comment about the SUBJECT of the article.” If I am correct, this is more typical Hoge/Walker sleaze and his lickspittles will defend it to their deaths.

    • Mendacity is their specialty.

    • Hoge Is a Dirty Lying Pig

      Wait though, the tweet in question that Hoge made explicitly says; I commented why don’t you? It doesnt show a retweet in front or on the tweet itself which is how twitter works from my understanding of twitter. Thus if Hoge said he commented on the gazette article with an included link, and then says he commented why dont you he is:

      1. Inviting others to comment on it.
      2. Even if retweeting it, he is advising others to comment on it while trying to show he commented on it.
      3. By acting befuddled he shows that he really is struggling with whether the evidence shows he commented and trying to find a valid excuse to answer the query from the Judge.
      4. His attorney Ostronic tried to say Hoge is a happily married man with a job, as if that somehow gets his client Hoge off from the charge that he just lied under oath by claiming he never commented or advised others to comment.
      5. By reason the Judge claimed he wasn’t credible on the stand, was questioning Hoge’s credibility when Hoge claimed he never did any such thing and then the evidence was shown that he in fact did.

      Hoge then tries to continue the lie/obfuscation that he didn’t advise others to comment or that he didn’t comment, but later after the hearing and after having time to recollect, he had time to say he was just retweeting Stranahan’s tweet. However, that being said, if you are retweeting someone else’s call to comment on an article, then you are in fact advising others to go comment, and in fact have probably commented on it yourself when you say I commented why don’t you.

      By leaving it ambiguous it is up to those who read the tweet in question as to whether Hoge actually commented on it and was advising others to do the same. To then go under oath and not claim any recollection of the tweet in question, and then fidgeting around on the witness stand like it appears on the audio, then it appears that Hoge was caught lying and was trying to figure out how to defend what he did when he tweeted that he commented and advised others to do the same.

      So Hoge will have to continue to defend his statements and actions during that hearing and the assumption is that it will not be pretty when another Judge hears this audio and realizes that Hoge’s blathering on about being maligned was in fact Hoge’s own doing, and with another Judge knowing full well that Hoge was in fact NOT CREDIBLE during that hearing, it will probably be decided that Hoge is full of shit and anything he brings or brought will be thrown out just because Hoge is a dirty lying pig..

      • William A. Ferguson

        So much this.

      • William A. Ferguson

        I love the part where Hoge tried to control the situation and got bench slapped for his effort.

        • Yes, isn’t that a particular delight?

  • William A. Ferguson

    I do so love a spot of timely Pantsing of the Hog.

    I also love destroying embryonic lawsuits.

  • RogerS

    It’s been a while since the Hog graced the pages of BU. Not sure what he did to make this currently relevant but is appears that he has said that he denied lying at the hearing. But the judge said that he did lie. Let’s call a spade a spade. The Hog committed perjury and even his lawyer could not explain it. He should be charged. The judge busted him big time. Why didn’t the judge refer the case to the Maryland Attorney General? Maybe the Kimberlin’s should request that now that you have the proof.

    He commented in order to cause harm to a child and called on his readers to do the same. Pants on fire to the Hog. He got caught and let’s hope the prosecutors in Maryland frog march him off to the big house. He should hide his head in shame for lying to hide the fact that he was stalking a teenage girl. Jesus, that is so creepy. Hog is a dirty old man. I wonder if he is a peeping Tom too. So a 70 year old pervert stalks a 15 year old girl. That is so disgusting I can’t hardly wrap my head around it.

    • I’ve said for years that all this yapping about pedophilia is just so much projection.

    • William A. Ferguson

      He’s suing me for an update written about him last March that accurately reported the details of his time in court.

      • An update you didn’t even write.

        • William A. Ferguson


          I am being sued as the author of an update I didn’t write because Hoge thinks it to be defamatory even though there is ample evidence that the content of said update accurately describes what transpired in court that day and that said evidence is an audio recording that verifies the truth of the update.

          Did I miss anything?

          • Time To Massively Sue Hoge

            Yes, you missed Hoge being dragged off to jail, or at the least to the poor house for malicious filings and harassment using an interactive computer service with the purpose of harming your business interests. You do have a business selling music correct? Seems Hoge has attempted to maliciously file suit against you for the express purpose of harming your business interests.

          • William A. Ferguson

            Actually he’s attempted to file a malicious suit against me for the express purpose of shutuppery, something he claims to despise in others.

            He will never harm my business.

  • William A. Ferguson

    All Hoge has to do is post the relevant part of the transcript that negates anything written in the previous article he finds defamatory.

    Okay, seriously, stop that laughing. I’m being serious here.

    No, really, stop laughing!

    Come on, people, work with me here.

    • Haradanohime

      Oh but he won’t do THAT, Will, cause it’s a no no! He seems to conveniently forget posting a partial transcript when used in context with a story is not against the law. Otherwise every news organization would be guilty of this. It’s also not as if the entire audio was posted. Only the pertinent information which proves the original article was written fairly was posted. Sometimes I wonder about some people and common sense or lack there of.

      • William A. Ferguson

        Wonder no more.

        • Rogers

          Well in most states there are anti Slapp laws that will get a case like this tossed. You should check Maryland. Also since he sued you for commenting the case will get tossed. Hog has a lot of nerve since his blog has some of the nastiest comments ever. He is a very hideous person with extreme evil intent. He is certainly destined for pergatory in hell. Satan can’t wait for that son of a bitch to arrive He’s already stoking the fire

          • William A. Ferguson

            If it comes to that.

            Right now, though, Hoge has a very serious credibility problem. Not that he hasn’t always had a serious credibility problem, mind you.

      • William A. Ferguson

        The thing is, it’s not that he won’t.

        It’s that he can’t.

  • RogerS

    I think that the Hog needs to remember –“Matusiewicz, son David and daughter Amy Gonzalez were all sentenced to life in prison after being convicted of conspiracy and cyberstalking”

  • William A. Ferguson

    Where are the lickspittles? They should be along any moment to threaten all of us with prison and Hoge’s wrath, right?